Real Housewives Of Atlanta

WATCH: Shereé Whitfield Goes Off on Her Party Planner

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Sometimes it’s best to keep it all in the family – just ask the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

On the Sunday, November 19, episode, the ladies were all seeking more time with their nearest and dearest.

Kenya Moore was trying to keep her new marriage hot and heavy despite not living in the same state as he husband. Porsha Williams and her sister, Lauren, were looking to open their own salon. And Sheree Whitfield was planning a blowout birthday bash for her mama.

While Porsha clings to her family after losing yet another friend, she is shocked by accusations from her sister.

Meanwhile, a new man challenges Cynthia’s singles game. She had put the 20-something guy on ice (for now) and went out with a slightly more age-appropriate gentleman. It turned out he was such a gentleman, in fact, that he didn’t even bring his phone on their date. “This just feels easy,” Cynthia said with a huge smile on her face. “I’m going to make you wait,” her date joked in response.

After an unexpected incident, NeNe is suddenly left home alone to fend for herself when Gregg was admitted to the hospital for chest pain.

Shereé had plans to turn the Chateau into a disco palace, only to have the dance floor pulled out from under her when the party planner leaves her in a serious bind. “Are you kidding me? Get this off of me,” Sheree snapped as she ripped off her mic. Ultimately, she got everything put together herself, making sure that the scene was perfect when the birthday girl arrived.

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