Take A Tour Inside Kandi’s New Home [Photo Gallery]

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“Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Kandi Burruss has been having a great time settling into her new home in southwest Atlanta. We visited this week.

The 7-bedroom, 9.5-bathroom home features a number of exclusive amenities, like an indoor pool, elevator and a super-private spa room tucked behind the family room.

“Rock star house” is the vibe Kandi thinks her home projects.

“How many people do you know with a red alligator piano?” she asked.

Indeed, the stately piano in one of the home’s front rooms has been finished with a scarlet gator-print pattern. Facing it are two animal-hide and wool chairs, also painted scarlet, arranged on either side of a table with legs in the shape of bird’s feet. The animal motif continues with the room’s paint scheme, in an oversized reptile pattern.

Speaking of critter couture, the saber-tooth tiger skull with gold teeth in the living room is definitely a conversation piece. (It’s a resin replica).

“I thought the gold teeth was a hip-hop flair,” said designer Eddie Brumbaugh, who has worked with the entertainer to achieve the home’s livable yet glamorous look.

Kandi’s favorite room is the living room, furnished with a huge and comfy velvet sectional sofa.

“The fireplace just looks like a piece of jewelry,” she said of the gold-painted mantle.

The large fushia coffee table is actually a dining room table, shortened to fit the room.

“Nobody else could have that table!” Kandi said. “I mix expensive things with things that may not be so expensive.”

(Her kitchen table was a Craigslist find, for example).

Her fiance Todd Tucker actually was the one who suggested the fuchsia accent color used in the living room. Decorative elements include various throw pillows and Lucite chairs topped with fluffy wool.

Kandi said she and Todd are considering a destination wedding, but that completing the house and juggling Kandi’s assorted projects on and off-air are keeping them busy. So stay tuned. Bravo will no doubt create a special “Kandi & Todd Get Married” spin-off when the blessed event does happen. By the way a Bravo camera crew was on hand at the home this week. The camera crew seemed to be setting up for a scene involving cupcakes. Yum!

Sadly the AJC will not be featured on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” We were asked to sign numeorous legal and confidentiality forms in order to appear on camera, which we’re not able to do. Alas, our big shot at fame passed us by. Oh well.

But, back to Kandi. As she and Todd prepare to merge families they are representing their heritage with numerous family photos. Framed photos capturing fun and historic moments line several walls and there are many more images yet to come.

“Pictures are what make a house feel like a home,” Kandi said. “When people come over they get stuck looking at the pictures.”

Throughout the main level, metallic champagne-colored paint accents make every room glow. In the dining room, a custom mirror measuring about 10 by 8 feet expands the effect. While the home does have that rocker glam that Kandi was seeking, she noted its traditional elements as well.

“I love traditional,” she said. “We took a lot of traditional things and jazzed them up. It just all came together.”