Shereé Whitfield’s Son Stars In Fantasia’s Music Video

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Watch out world because Kairo Whitfield’s career recently heated up with a cameo in Fantasia’s latest music video for “When I Met You.” And while the video does wrap with a happy ending for the singer and her love interest, that Prince Charming isn’t Kairo.

You see The Real Housewives of Atlanta son just so happens to play a bit of a bad boy who isn’t just romancing Fantasia, but also another girl. Fantasia breaks it off with him and ends up marrying her perfect guy.

We can only imagine how Shereé Whitfield felt seeing her little boy getting snuggly with the singer and another co-star. “It was different. You don’t want to see your baby being a love interest of a grown woman, but I’m proud of him. I just see so much more for him.”

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