Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Mama Joyce Joins The RHOA Reunion Couch

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Mama Joyce joins the women to reflect on the drama from this season and where she stands with her opinion of Kandi and Todd’s relationship.

Here are a few notable one-liners:

On Todd’s mom:

She called me a b*tch….she ain’t got nothing!

On fighting:

It’s been a long time but I can still wrap a good wig up.

On supporting her kids, stripping and NeNe:

(talking to Nene) I didn’t go to no club, but believe me if the clubs was paying then what they paying now…hey baby…I would have been swinging on the pole too. With the body that I had back then……

On Money:

Let me get you straight…Mama still got bonds, a house that’s completely paid for and money in the bank. Thank you very much. And every kind of diamond….AMEN.

Momma Joyce fields viewer questions, including one about her relationship with Todd’s mother.

Kandi sets the record straight about Momma Joyce’s financial situation and their past problems.