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Protégé Name: Logan Smith
Song: “Gotta Go”

Verse 1
I was raised straight and arrow
but inside I was bent like a broken bow
and the things I was thinking
no one else could know
cuz what they don’t understand
they turn it into something so terrible
but the beauty of my beast
is tired of being put on hold

So I gotta go
Go far away from here
I gotta go
go far away
don’t even question
don’t ask me why
It’s the only way I can live my life
I gotta go
go far away

Verse 2
Sometimes I’m in a fight
beating down the man inside of me
but he’s stronger every minute
any day he’s gonna win
I can’t please everybody
I can’t even please my family
so I’ve finally just decided
to please the spirit within

How can it be so bad
if its what I feel inside
time to say bye bye
time to live my life

Protégé Name: Harmik Thomasian
Song: “Live Life Loud”


Oh yeah this beat is for all my rainbow kids
All the ones who always get it how they live
If you living loud like that
If you living proud like that
If you love to turn it up
turn it out like that
Say I Live My My My My Life Loud
Say I Live My My My My Life Loud

Verse 1
You can have Barbie I want Ken
You betta put a lock down on yo man
Cuz if you bring him around me I’m taking him
Don’t give me that look girl we ain’t friends
Laughing out loud when you say he’s straight
See everybody round town know he’s gay
yeah he’s got a case of the scoliosis
Twisted as he wanna be but you don’t know it
Oh I guess he fooled you cuz he lives his life so quietly
He went under your radar cuz he don’t live life loud as me
Yep I’m living loud loud
I’m living proud proud
S— I’m having myself a ball
maybe two
That’s how I get down

(Double Hook)

Get it how you live girl
Get yo life
Get it how you live boy
Get yo life
Get it how you live girl
Get yo life
Get it how you live boy
Get yo life

Verse 2
Armenian boy with a black girl swag
bring the boys to the yard
make em cut my grass
Don’t you wish yo girl was hot like me


Protégé Name: Mejgan Sediqzadah
Song: “Fly Chick”


We get that money
We get that mulah
Suppose to be a man’s world
but women are the rulers
We can go to Wall Street
Or to the ghetto
Yeah we kicking doors down
All in our stilettos
I represent the Fly chick
Fly chick
Fly chick yeah
I represent the Fly chick
Fly chick
Fly chick Yeah

Verse 1
I’m just a fly chick
I ain’t gotta try shit
Comes to me naturally
don’t believe me watch & see
When I step into the club
Everybody’s showing love
Fellas all up on my nuts
All the women give it up
This dude that I was dating
he was real intimidated
He got insecure & he was acting real crazy
It got to the point where he was holding me down
So I treated him like cancer
and I cut his ass out

I’m a fly chick
yeah you best respect it
or you gon get checked quick
that’s just how we do it
I’m fly chick
nails did hair done
all about my bank funds
insecure chicks hating huh

Verse 2
One day I’m on the west coast
next I’m on the east coast
Still V.I.P tho
Doesn’t matter where I go
Everything exclusive
Even all my music
This beat is so abusive
Beating in my new whip
You should be on my team
Cuz I’m always winning
Born a champion
My momma knew from the beginning
Rocking my stilettos
at least six inch
That’s part of the attire worn by a fly bitch

(just background)
I represent the fly chicks

Protégé Name: Matthew Cash
Song: “Single”


You single well I’m single to
so why don’t you fall thru & we can do what singles do

Baby let me Smash put it on me
Smash give to me
Smash you know you want it
Smash pop it on me smash
drop it on me Smash
don’t be lonely Girl You single
I’m single It’s time to mingle

Verse 1
You say that you single right?
I say that I’m here for one night you tryna mingle right?
So lets just go and grab a few drinks and live the single life
Hope you’re into turning it up
Ain’t talkin’ flashing lights
Girl I’m off that china white
I’m kinda hype and
You’re just my type
That booty right
So stop tryna fight
I’m jus tryna get get get it in
Ain’t here to lose just tryna win
I mean all this talk I’m listening
And them lips look good they glistening
And that body, that body
Lets just say I’m tryna sin
I mean OK, what’s up
You say you not going well I guess I beg to differ
Cause that liquor steady flowing
And that Molly got me rolling
And that lingerie is showing
These emotions uncontrolling
You see where I’m goin
Look hold the press
Leave the stress
Keep the heels but lose the dress
And that walk looking so good god damn can I taste test?
I’m so nasty
So every time you walk past me
I’m like aye girl come here and let me put you in my back seat

Verse 2
Look I ain’t tryna be petty but I ain’t paying no bills bitch
And I know that you ready so why you hittin’ that kill switch
Girl I know that you want it so why you tryna be cool quit
Come and ride this d, f— it come and ride this pool stick
I’m single like a dollar bill
So I see that ass I gotta feel
Might roll that camera movie reel
Then drop that top and we can peel
Hey what you know about champagne sippin’ on a island while we wilding yeah I think that’s what you
While you kissin’ on the tip let hold ya hair
Take them panties off throw em over there
Whoa I cannot help but stare

Your body is amazing
Now only time is a wasting
So I’m thinking fornication in a place you call vacation
Let me get girl with a jet black stare
All red dress with the long black hair
I’m going in she going bare we going raw and that s— so rare
Let me tell u something real quick
I’m a single mutherf—er
So I smash then I dip


Protégé Name: Darian Wilkerson
Song: “I Am A Winner”

Verse 1
I don’t need no cheerleaders
I don’t need no hype man
I don’t need no pep talk
or get boosted up by some fake friends
I used to cheat myself
by lacking confidence
But when I realized that I’m the shit
Then I began to win

I refuse to loose
I own my lane
So if it’s true that life is a game

I am a winner
If I don’t believe then I defeat myself
I am a winner
I’d rather bet on me than anyone else
I am a winner
I’m a go getter
I’m a go getter
Mama didn’t raise no quitters
I’m a born winner
I am a winner
I’m a go getter
I’m a go getter
Mama didn’t raise no quitters
I’m a born winner

Put your game face on
Get your game face
Put your game face on
Get your game face

Verse 2
I don’t need no advice
By the folks I don’t like
I don’t need they’re spotlight
cuz I already shine in my mind bright
I used to doubt myself
on just how good I am
I used to care what people think
but now who gives a damn

Win (repeated)
Put your game face on
Get your game face
Put your game face on
Get your game face

Protégé Name: Darian Wilkerson
Song: “I Am A Winner”

Verse 1
I’m here & you’re over there
Very long distance love affair
The distance just makes
the heart grow fonder
& my heart won’t ever wonder
just want you babe
Trains, Planes
we’ll make a way
A bus ride
whatever it takes
When I need you
& I really wanna see you
take a taxi if I need to
I’ll get there some way

You & Me
We gon be together
for eternity
We can last the distance
cross the seven seas
You & me together
yeah you you
me me
Ay ay ay ay

Verse 2
Phone calls
Sweet text messages
Hours on ichat
Those special moments
Really keep us going
I’m smiling all day long
After I hear from you each morning yeah
You know
every dream I have
you truly listen
not everybody does that
we’re soul mates
A million miles away
but I’m closer to you there
than other guys right in my face yeah

You can be in Paris
You can be in Rio
but you own my heart
so it goes where ever you go
You can be on sabbatical in West Indies
But there’s still no space between you & me
I love you
I trust you
For the long haul
I’m with you
There’s no time or space
that can come between
The love here
with you & me