Kandis Wedding

Kandi’s Wedding Debuts: What Did You Think?

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You wanted Mama Joyce drama? You got Mama Joyce drama!

Kandi Burruss’ long-awaited wedding is here and it’s exactly as insane as you hoped it would be, thanks to Mama Joyce and also literally everything else, from Kandi’s choice of wedding theme to her wedding planners’ complete lack of experience in planning weddings. It was everything we could have wanted.

First of all, Kandi wants a Coming to America-themed wedding. You know, the Eddie Murphy movie, and obvious choice of wedding theme. She wants it to be inexpensive, but apparently also have live animals. Her assistants are planning it—all who have zero wedding planning experience.

Five weeks out and Kandi’s just now asking her designer friend to design the dress. He doesn’t even specialize in wedding dresses, but he’s going to make Kandi’s dress and dresses for her eight bridesmaids—somehow in time for the wedding. He seems confident, so who knows? He also offers to give Kandi all of the dresses for free! How kind and kind of unnecessary of him!

Mama Joyce and the aunts go out for lunch. Mama Joyce makes some rude comments about Todd’s parents and then claims that Todd isn’t looking out for Kandi’s best interests since he let her gain weight. Whoa. Aunt Bertha makes a good point when she says that Oprah’s a big girl and Stedman doesn’t seem to mind. Go Aunt Bertha! No fat shaming here! Also, Kandi looks damn cute, so whatever.

Later, Mama Joyce comes over and preaches self-love when Kandi makes comments about her own weight, but that front doesn’t last for long as Mama Joyce can’t keep her own opinions at bay.

We all know that the wedding eventually goes smoothly, but it sure is a rough road getting there. We kind of just want to give Kandi a hug while also seriously questioning a few of her wedding-related choices. We’ll have to see what other dramatic shenanigans happen next week!

So how are you feeling about this RHOA spinoff? Do you feel bad for Kandi or did she bring a lot of this on herself? How do you feel about a Coming to America-themed wedding? Head to the comments and tell us what you think!

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