Kandi Shares Sexy Bedroom Selfies (PHOTOS)

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Apparently, Kandi Burruss’s idea of a great Friday night is lounging in bed and looking gorgeous. The Real Housewives of Atlanta recently shared a string of selfies from her weekend night in bed.

Kandi posted the pics on Instagram, writing next to them, “I’m bored so I started taking selfies…. A Friday night & I’m sitting in bed taking selfies. I’m so lame.”

If by “lame,” she means “mad sexy,” we completely agree. Talk about “Bedroom Kandi”!

After a brief phase of super curly hair, Kandi has returned to her silky straight locks and we have to say that her hair looks better than ever. Combined with her flawless skin, toned upper body, and coy smile, Kandi looks like a supermodel in these photos!

Do you love Kandi’s smooth ‘do or do you think she should have stuck with the curls? Share your opinions in the comments below!