Kandi Reveals The First Thing You Should Do When Starting A Business

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If there’s one thing Kandi Burruss knows a thing or two about it’s business!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared some savvy advice on how to beat out the competition in the latest edition of Bravo’s The Last Thing.

“I’m always giving business advice. When you’re starting a business as soon as you get the idea, buy all of your social media names and all of your website names for whatever name you want to call it,” she told The Daily Dish.

“If you put it out there, somebody will buy it and they will try to benefit off of your brand that you’re building. Trademark it as well.”

Kandi also noted that you shouldn’t discourage yourself from launching the company. “Stop talking yourself out of the idea. Look up the person who did it first and who’s big at it, see how they got started,” she said. “Motivate yourself in that way.”

Via The Daily Dish