Kandis Wedding

Kandi Reveals Her Favorite Part of Her Wedding to Todd Tucker

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We all know that Kandi Burruss’ wedding to Todd Tucker was not without its obstacles (and then some) but this Sunday, July 6, we’ll finally get to watch the couple move past their prenup differences and walk down the aisle much to Mama Joyce’s dismay.

As you can see thanks to the video above, Kandi recently chatted with OK! about the big day and revealed that while her mom has accepted that she’s now married to Todd, there is something else that currently has her peeved. “My mother has totally accepted everything with the wedding, but now she’s onto something else,” Kandi explained. “Now she’s mad about my dad because on the show he said something. It’s always something, it’s never just peace for a long period of time.”

Mama Joyce drama aside, Kandi went onto reveal that she’s happy with the way Kandi’s Wedding turned out and thinks it depicts her relationship with Todd accurately. “It captured everything the way it really is. Todd and I, we love each other dearly and we have fun together and I definitely feel like you got that from our show,” she dished.

And even though us viewers have yet to see the wedding, Kandi still revealed some of her favorite moments from the special day. “Being there in that moment was amazing…it all came together perfectly. Even walking down the aisle to see Todd standing there was beautiful,” she said, also noting that the evening was plenty of fun. “We know how to throw a party, that’s all I can say,” Kandi concluded.