Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kandi Reacts To Marlo Hampton & Porsha Williams’ Heated Confrontation

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Kandi Burruss reveals that everyone was getting along before Porsha Williams and Marlo Hampton’s argument. What was going on in that video you took at 3AM?

NeNe was really upset the first night when Kim sent the video. So we were all talking and trying to get her in a better mood. What better way to put people in a good mood than playing music and dancing?

For a short while, all of us were getting along, laughing dancing, and being silly. That was the moment I caught on video. Were you surprised Cynthia wanted to kiss you for the 50 Cynt challenge?

Well if she was going to kiss anybody, of course I would be a great choice! Just kidding! What went through your mind during Porsha and Marlo’s confrontation?

I was thinking, “Please God, don’t let us get locked up abroad.”