Kandi Offers Advice For Budding Entrepreneurs

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Kandi Burruss is currently be best known for her participation in The Real Housewives Of Atlanta and, more recently, Kandi’s Wedding. But before she became a reality star, Kandi was already a success in the music industry. The celeb is eager to get more women involved in business, which is why she recently shared her best entrepreneurial advice with Ebony.

Facebook fans adore Kandi Burruss for her professional commitment. Instead of being content to sit back and whine about The Real Housewives Of Atlanta on Twitter, Kandi is always hard at work, creating musicals, mentoring up-and-coming music stars and of course, being a great mom to Riley. Juggling all this can be a struggle, but Kandi believes in herself — and she believes in others as well!

In a recent interview with Ebony, Kandi explained that the first step to success was taking control of spending habits. “My advice to anyone out there looking to go into business is to first cut back on your spending…Pull back on your expenses and put money to the side until you’ve stacked up enough to put toward your dream. If you’re not willing to invest in you, why would anyone else?”

Kandi added that, by setting aside money, the budding entrepreneur or artist would be able to avoid dealing with difficult investors. She insisted, “Even with a modest income, you can save enough in a year to get started.”

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