Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kandi Burruss Goes Off On Porsha Williams

By  | How was Cynthia as a house guest?

Kandi Burruss: Cynthia was cool. We actually had fun! What went through your mind during the drama at dinner?

KB: I didn’t understand why Porsha got so offended when Kenya said that Phaedra told her Porsha wanted to tell us how her anger management was going. She got an attitude, and it went down hill from there. Porsha could’ve easily said, “Phaedra must’ve misunderstood me, because I’m not ready to discuss it,” but instead it became this big back and forth. Why do you think things got so heated with Porsha?

KB: I wanted to stop Kenya and Porsha from going back and forth, so I tried to tell Kenya to stop, because obviously Porsha wasn’t taking what Kenya was saying positively. So I asked the question in what I thought was a calm, cool way that shouldn’t have been offensive, but Porsha got snappy with me, so I got snappy back. I’ve never been one to respond kindly to people talking to me crazily. It was really a dumb argument. I’m normally am very laid back, but if you talk to me in a tone I don’t like, I will cuss you out.

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