Kandi Burruss, Emily B, Cynthia Bailey, Latasha Wright & Necole Bitchie Host Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta

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If you were in Atlanta this weekend, the Biltmore Ballroom was the place for the “Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta” Royal Tea Affair. The event, hosted by young entrepreneurs Day Bella and Sassy Mitchell, brought together professional women from an array of industries across the Atlanta area for an intimate brunch reception which featured a Q&A with shoe designer Emily B, business mogul Kandi Burruss, model Cynthia Bailey, celebrity makeup artist LaTasha Wright and Necole Bitchie.

It was truly a beautiful occasion with over 200 women in attendance who were dressed in their best brunch attire, while listening to positive, inspirational stories from the panel. Valuable lessons that were shared throughout the panel included Emily B explaining how she was able to use her social media influence to design a shoe collection with Zigi. It did so well that she now has a five-year deal and her shoes will be available in Nordstroms in 2 weeks. Kandi, meanwhile, revealed that it was important for her to have several streams of income and that is why she used her reality TV exposure to launch an intimate toy line, produced a musical that is going on tour, and she owns a clothing boutique. She also stressed that if you don’t know much about a certain area that you are interested in venturing in, then it’s best to partner with someone who does. Lastly, she revealed that she hired her right hand man DonJuan because he offered his services for free and it got to a point where her business couldn’t run without him.

The lesson: If you want a job in entertainment bad enough, be willing to work for free and make yourself irreplaceable!

Catch some of the pics below:

The tickets were well worth the price, especially for the business owners who were there to network. One makeup artist from Orlando who asked for advice on how she could branch out from being a local Orlando artist was offered an opportunity from Kandi to travel with her “A Mama’s Love” tour. There was also a generous lady in attendance who let it be known that she was ‘beautifully divorced,” is wealthy and was looking for businesses to invest her money in. That was an awesome opportunity for women who were looking for an investor to pitch their product.

You can find out more about the Ladies Who Brunch Series by visiting LadiesWhoBrunch.com

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