Amber Rose Reveals To Kandi Burruss That Men Are Scared Of Her

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On last nights Amber Rose show, Amber tells guests Kandi Burruss and Dr. Chris Donaghue that guys don’t provide her with as much feedback as she might want.

“I feel like guys usually don’t make a lot of noise,” says Rose, who shares son Sebastian, 3, with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa. When Burruss is confused, Rose adds, “Listen, Kandi — men are so scared of me. I literally will go out on a date, and a guy’s like this [holds up her trembling hand], shaking. They’re f–king scared of me — they’re terrified of me.”

“You know what guys say to me?” the host says. “What can I do for you that you can’t do for yourself? And I’m like, ‘If you go to the store and get a $1.50 card and write something nice in it, I would appreciate that.'”

Finally, Kandi has heard enough and wants to help her out.

“Whoever [is] the next man to get with Amber, please moan a lot, talk a lot of trash, you know?” the Real Housewives of Atlanta star suggests. “Grab her by the neck — you got to control her!”

Rose has another theory for why her men are seen but not heard: “You know what I think, too? I think they’re so focused on concentrating.”

What do you do when the men in your lives aren’t providing with enough “feedback?” Comment below!