Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Your First Look At The Shocking RHOA Reunion

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta are ready to bring the fireworks and confessions to the upcoming Season 9 reunion, kicking off April 16 at 8/7c. And for the first time ever, the reunion will make network history and air in four parts. “Who’s on ready tonight?” host Andy Cohen asks the crew at the sit-down.


From the looks of things, they all are. These ladies are leaving nothing off the table during the very emotional gathering.

The four-part reunion will explore all the hot topics of the season. Among them, Shereé Whitfield and Kenya Moore will dig into their beef over their homes. Friendships will also be tested as several of the women come to terms with where they stand with one another.

The ladies will be joined by their husbands — past and present — to discuss a number of subjects, including the divorces of Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida, as well as Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas. But some of the most shocking moments will take place when the rumors about Kandi comes up in the conversation. “Phaedra, why wouldn’t you admit you just started the rumor?” Andy asks her about the allegations made about Burruss this season. From there, the drama only gets more intense. “Kandi, what’s going on?” Porsha Williams wonders, with tears in her eyes.

Well, whatever happens next has left Andy “shocked.”

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  • Latarcha Jones

    I can’t wait to see the reunion

  • Latarcha Jones

    I can’t wait to see the reunion

    • Debra Coker

      Some people need to keep they mouth shut

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  • Bmariejackson

    I can’t wait ……shit is going to hit the fan… the temptations song….”get ready because here it comes”

  • Jacqueline Kimbles

    OMG I cannot wait until Sunday it is going to be juicy, I hope Kandi go off on Proche and Phedra.