Xscape Serenades Their Men On Stage

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The ladies of Xscape rocked the stage in Chene Park in Detroit for the second night in a row, and they pulled out a few surprises for the 4th of July.


Towards the end of the show, all of the husbands of the group members were brought out on stage to get serenaded by the ladies during “Do You Want To.”

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Even T.I. made a suited up appearance with he and Tiny’s baby girl Heiress in his arms.

Raise your hand if you’re ready for Xscape to hit your city!

  • TJ1972


  • Latarcha Jones

    I love Xscape and if they come to Baltimore I will be there.

  • Andrew Baker

    T.I look like he was entirely feeling that shitt..But hey,gotta keep the Family Hustle together

    • Triba Smith

      I’m praying T.I. and Tiny stay together.

      • Shelby

        Me to don’t want them to divorce

      • Stephanie Devine

        I’m praying with you. I soooo…..want them to work it out. If it’s your will fix it Jesus!!

        • Carolyn Minter


  • Enjoylovinhim Denise Brown

    I,m just happy that everyone could pull together and show the love&support that’s needed, hopefully you gals will come to Indy soon!

  • michelle_mixon

    that was cute

  • Nancy James

    Beautiful. I hope TI and Tiny can work things out, they have a beautiful family

  • Cara J. Turner

    Will someone PLEASE tell the young lady in Red to find another stylist. Her outfits are not attractive on her.

    • Antoinette Everett

      i guess her man ain’t complaining

      • Gwen Ya’Friend Douglas

        right!!! somebody always got sumthn to say

    • Teneka V Edwards

      Lady I don’t mean any harm but…..shut up! She looks damn good!! U just can’t wear thing like that and look good in them ok.

      • NOMAMA


  • Marie Black

    Please stay with your WIFE T.I. it’s worth IT!!!!!!

  • Amanda Gooden Turner

    That right T.I. support your wife yessss love it beautiful family….yes indeed and always going to love Kandi and Todd.

  • Stacey Gettinbettawittyme Will

    That was really nice. I hope and pray that T.I and Tiny can work things out. They may have a chance if the outside world wasn’t so involved. God can fix anything

  • Spark

    They still sound good can’t wait for them to hit my city of Louisville, KY. Been a fan since the beginning and still a fan been waiting on this reunion for years.

  • Bananna Rose

    Yessss like they said u can’t spell tiny …without TI…make it work please yall…and xscape..PLEASE come to bmore!!.much love!@

    • Carolyn Minter

      Yes and Chicago too!*

  • Gena Carroll

    The Bay awaits

  • Carolyn Minter

    To see TI and Tiny almost brought tears to my eyes. It is so important for couples with children to fight to stay together and raise them with their mother and father in the household with love. Especially black couples. I pray their marriage can come back together even stronger. Folks love this family so much. Be blessed. You and Todd do the same Kandi!*