Kandi's Ski Trip

Why Is Everyone Mad At Kandi?

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In this exclusive preview, Kandi’s Ski Trip gets off to a rocky start when her Aunts don’t like where they are staying.

Watch below & tune in tonight at 8/7c on Bravo for Kandi’s Ski Trip.

  • t

    I did not like the racist comments about the white assistant… Those statements would not be tolerated if the family was white and he was black

    • kimberly

      I was wondering,? If u had too sacrafice, your mother in law. To have a baby? And you and Todd to have more fame.Not judging just asking!!!!!

  • That Gal

    Every time I see Kandi with her family especially her mother they seem so stuck up. Not down to earth at all like her.
    Her mother is such a negative person and always so miserable. She never smiles and always complains, she comes across as extremely rude and uneducated

  • CharmaineEDuell

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