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What Lines Were Crossed Between Kandi & Phaedra?

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On part 2 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, things get heated between Kandi Burruss & Phaedra Parks.

After Burruss confirms that Mama Joyce should not have discussed Phaedra’s divorce with an attorney, things get ugly when Parks calls in to question the opening of Kandi’s restaurant, Old Lady Gang.

Kandi took to social media to discuss the matter prior to Sunday’s show. “It’s so funny how she really thought @oldladygang wasn’t gonna be able to open…who told her that I wonder? We opened #OLG the next day after the reunion taping & we’ve been popping ever since! Thanks to everyone who’s been coming by to show us love! We love you back! ? Tune in to the #RHOA reunion this Sunday on @bravotv! #YouCanHateWhileIBeGreat”

Watch an exclusive preview below.

Don’t miss part 2 of the #RHOA reunion this Sunday at 8/7c only on Bravo.

  • Wendy Boyd

    Phaedra is so fake

    • Mary Kay – Balwin

      What makes her fake verses them saying Allll that shit they said about her.

      • Mary Kay – Balwin

        The only (2) things Phaedra said about Kandi is that she think she should have been there for her going through her trials and she’s right AND that Shamea and Kandi were fucking BUT she said that out of spike because what someone else said they said about her. Kandi shoulda just been A FRIEND…

        • Wendy Boyd

          Girl, bye! She started the show as a ” Southern Bell” but waves her donkey booty all around and shows up half naked on vacations. Gossiping, two-faced shady Phaedra. And she’s ugly.

          • Yolie

            You got that right, she is nothing good. Breast lift my butt. She got a lift and implants. Ms. P. Needs a day of Atonement. One thing about lying is you have to remember the lies you tell and who you tell them to.

          • Wendy Boyd

            Yes girl! Lol

  • Judith Lewis

    Again, I say Phaedra is a snake and jealous of Kandi. Phaedra was calling the city and trying to stop her license to open the restaurant. Guys who would do that. She is personally trying to destroy Kandi. Phaedra is acting like a scorn lover. Her actions are not adding up.

    • Tracy

      Kandi like to throw rocks and hide her hands. Play innocent

      • Judith Lewis

        Well, I do not see her like that but I respect your opinion. However, she only comes at u when u come at her. Kandi has been on that be show for years and did not have any problems until her and Phaedra fell out. Her mother has been telling her for years that Fraudra was not her but Kandi did not listen. Kandi is just now standing up for herself. Remember NeNe did not like her for no reason at all. Phaedra has even called the City of Atlanta to stop her from opening the restaurant. I am just like Kandi, if u come at me, I coming back at u.

        • Manunu

          Kandi is a good person they alway trying to put her in some mess you see you it your self. Every time she tried to walk away from a situation somebody always pulling her in she’s not a puppy she’s not a dog she got feelings they just don’t want kandi to stand up for herself. Anyway she got more things going on in her life and some of these loser ass women that’s the problem with black females they don’t give each other props I don’t send you want to put you down instead of helping you and lifting you up come together as black woman child place

          • Judith Lewis

            Blacks have been conditioned by the white man during slavery to only trust him, not our God, mother, father; just trust him. This way of thinking is something that a lot of still believe. So when insincere black ppl see u getting ahead, its lets pull them down. That is why they say “blacks have a crab mentality, when one tries to get out, the others pulled u back down with them. It is ashame that some of us black women cannot support and celebrate each other. We cannot change anyone but we can show them through the life we live and pray for them.

        • Tracy

          I saw Kandi for who she was when she was getting married. How she treated Todd. How she let Mama Joyce get away with things. The Prenup- how selfish she was, how she didn’t care about how he feels when he voice his opinion. How she played stupid. She only cries when it is about her. She never see her part.

          • gvnn688

            Funny, Mama Joyce saw the same thing Phaedra saw as it relate to Todd and Kandi’s money. Any man or woman who does not want to sign a prenup on money that was made before they came to the relationship is not worth marrying. Her mother is just that, her mother. I think I will stick with God instructions on how we should treat and show reverence to our parents. I will take Kandi’s stupidity any day because her stupidity is quite successful. Kandi cries when she is mad and ready to fight not from sensitivity.

      • Ty pope

        Pheadra likes throwing a rock and hiding her hand she is a lying back stabing witch

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      • betty mitchell

        Thank thoughts to

      • gvnn688

        Out of all the ladies, Kandi is the most straight up one. She owns what she does and say. As you noted in this clip, as much as she loves her mother, she admitted her mother was wrong, Kandi does not give up the right for the wrong, that is not a person who throws a rock and hides her face.

        • Tracy

          Kandi plays stupid and full of excuses.

        • Tanya R Wildgoose-Thompson

          Agreed, Kandi is the most transparent of all the women. She keeps it real.

      • Judith Lewis

        Well, why is God continuing to Bless her and Phaedra, the one u support, life is in turmoil. Hate while Kandi continues to be great.

    • Mary Kay – Balwin

      Phaedra is not a snake…Why is it when I go to her page is NOT discussing Kandi at ALL BUT Kandi on the other hand is saying she’s HATING BITCH I THINK NOT!!!

      • Judith Lewis

        When a person is constantly stabbing u in your back, do u see them? Do u even know where the lies about u r coming? A snake does things but u do not see them. Why would she talk about Kandi on her page which would bring attention to herself. If the cameras were not rolling, we will never have known that she started the rumors about Kandi and Todd and the sex dungeon. What kind of grown woman would like about anything that serious, drugging and rapping. Do u think she would talk about that on her page? She continues to talk about her Foundation, collecting donations and scheduling events. What she did not tell u on her page is she has not filed taxes on the donations since she set up the Foundations. That has been two years. All she talks about is the good she is doing for that is who she wants u to think she is. When in fact she is a criminal, liar, thief, constantly constantly blasphemys God name, commits fraudulent actions, etc. The thing this is not TV, this is who she is. She is being investigated by the Feds due to her criminal nature. Does not have a law office; she rents a room in a friends office? One more more thing, everybody is talking about Kandi, it is about time she defend herself and go back at Fraudra. God continues to bless Kandi, while Fraudra life is in turmoil. That should tell u something.

        • Mary Kay – Balwin

          You are retarded it wasn’t Phardera that said NOTHING about a sex dungeon…just stfu

          • Judith Lewis

            Please do not attack my character and call me names. I did not do that to u and I will not allow that done to me. Porsha said in Maui that is what someone told her and that someone was your buddy Fraudra. Everybody has the own opinions and we do not have to agree but we r grown adults and we should respect that. What u have shown me with your remarks are that u r just down right ignorant. What intelligent person responds the way u did to me? Instead of trying to defend fraudra, you need to check yourself for your elevator does not go all the way to the top.

          • Tiffany

            Actually it was Phaedra. She told Porscha and without vetting the information, Porscha repeated it back to kandi. Everything that Porscha said during the lunch that she and kandi tapped; Phaedra said it all… you will see! Just watch the reunion.

          • Judith Lewis

            I think after seeing the show last night u r the regarded one. Your r just like Fraudra, that is why u like her because r a jealous, underhanded, snake, immature, stupid, misinformed and dumb. All these things add up to retardation.

        • Kathy Howard

          Very Well Said Indeed Judith ???

  • bigmomma king

    We tried to warn Kandi!!!

    • Naomi Setser

      Cannot stand Phaedra and can’t wait for the day she is criminally charged for the Apollo stuff ! I truly believe he was a scapegoat for her and she was head of it all !!!! Hope they prove that to be true ! Love Kandi Todd and family !

      • Mary Kay – Balwin

        Why would you wanna see that happen when she have those boys. You better be mindful of what you say. When you digging a hole for someone else yo ads better be digging 2

        • Naomi Setser

          Not digging holes ! She’s digging her own holes with the nasty crap she does to people

          • Naomi Setser

            Are u watching the same show I am ? If she was the decent mother of 2 she wouldn’t be out half naked with her butt exposed and boobs hanging almost completely out ! Bet her parents help a lot with those kids and probably nanny’s when she isn’t on camera

          • Naomi Setser

            If u watch the season over pay close attention to the stuff that Phaedra is behind. U might be surprised plus the next reunion show should tell u a lot !

  • Sherry

    Phaedra’so pill popping AZZ needs to go somewhere and lay it down Somebody needs to tell her that high is not a good look on her.

    • Talesha M

      Lmbo not pill popping. ?????

    • Judith Lewis

      Someone should have told her meat was hanging over the side and back of that dress at Sheree’s party and that green top she wore over Cynthia’s house.

  • Judee Wray

    Phaedra is definitely phoney but Kandi is a snake in the grass & her mom is the Devil’s wife.

  • Helena

    Phaedra is a snake in the grass. I can’t wait to see her out from the show. She is false, pretends like crazy.

  • Judith Lewis

    I want to make sure of something. When Shamea was talking to Porsha about not coming to her engagement party hosted, and she told Porsha, that she had to watch Phaedra. Remember Shamea said, “u do not know where her vagina has been”. Do u guys remember that? Well, what do them being friends have to do her vagina unless those two are playing in the lady pond with each other. They both r bisexual. I have also said that Phaedra’s actions towards Kandi is that of a scorned woman. The things she has done to Kandi is just too malicious to be mad at a female friend. Next thing, did hear Shamea at the Reunion say that Phaedra was begging Porsha’s mother to find her a rich African? I read that Porsha’s​ mom had introduced her and Lauren to the man that brought her the car and paid her bills. The article also stated that her mother was her pimp, so u speak and that Porsha was an escort. Smh

  • Jackie

    I think Phaedra had a vendetta against Kandi. However Phaedra did what Kandi’s mother did to Tod’s mother and never apologized. Kandi could this be the sins of the parent falling on you? Now you are in Tod’s shoes when lies are told about you. As you said you will support your mother no matter what she does to hurt other people.