Kandis Wedding

Wedding Day Shade

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It wouldn’t have been a Housewives wedding without a little “shade.” Sheree, Miss Lawrence, and Derek J spill the tea on the “Santa Claus” delivery of Kandi’s wedding gown.

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  • Jackie C.

    The point is that the wedding turned out beautifully. It doesn’t matter that the dress wasn’t in a proper garment bag. I know Rico was working on that dress up to the minute and he was just hurrying to get the dress there! He made everything FREE as a PRESENT which was wonderful.

  • Jackie C.

    And did u see Sheree’s face with her nosy self. Derek, that was a small minor thing that wasn’t worth gossiping about. Besides Joyce’s bad behavior, the wedding was out of sight!

    • bp


    • lisha thomas

      and u right girl, Jealous!

  • Reee

    I agree the dress was gorgeous and it was what Kandi wanted. Yes, proper care and transporting of the dress should have been done, but he did do the dress for FREE. That gown could have easily gone for $30,000 with all the work and material. Sometimes people throw shade unnecessarily, but because they can. Derrick J knew it would be seen so he had to spill the tea – being messy!

  • Black Arab

    Sheree should shut her bloodcoth rass up because her house is incomplete, She by Sheree is incomplete. The point is Rico did an awesome job Kandi love it and that’s all that matters. It could of been towed by the Jamaican Bob Sled for all who cares. The point is the couple is beautiful,the venue was pretty and the dress was to die for.

    P.S. At Kandi as you can see young lady what God had in store for u no man could of put a sonder.

    • unbias21

      Actually it is bloodclaath!!

  • Brownsugar Watkins

    Kandi dress very ugly , her wedding did not touch Nene

    • shante anderson

      ohhh ya’ll some haters! misery loves company…can’t be happy for no one, and why does it always have to be a completion with us black people? let us see your wedding video, how about that?

      • Aunty Granny

        Agree @Shanta Anderson

      • Miss Opinionated

        Umm we are happy for her but usually forums/blogs are for people to share their honest opinion/insight. That may differ from yours, and that’s OK. We don’t have to like her dress to be happy for her. Its called Critical thinking.

    • kozy

      Why would it have to compare to Ne Ne wedding… here we go already comparing to very different ppl and style to one another

    • jigga

      Y compare?

    • Ginia Lovinmefirst Stallworth

      You better check the rating numbers and she has the money …she didn’t need to be on show to make a name..#checkthat

    • Miss Opinionated

      Dress was horrid…but I think overall both ladies had beautiful weddings. I just wish Kandi would have spent the money to get a professional wedding coord to make everything really polished instead putting strain in her friendship with bestie Carmen. Wedding coordinator times everything…and thinks of everything. She makes sure everything from the dress to seating is done weeks ahead.

    • MsRoniJ

      Kandi’s wedding was better because she had real friends and family at her wedding. If it wasn’t for all of Nene’s bridesmaids being women she met from other reality shows she wouldn’t have had a wedding party.

  • Her wedding dress was beautiful.

  • Cyndi Romeo

    Sheree is just saying sour grapes. She’s jealous. Kandi has it all and Sheree knows it. If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all. I thought Kandi looked fabulous. Her wedding was what she wanted. No one need to criticize her. It’s the bride’s day and so be it.

  • Pam

    The dress was Gorgeous along with everything else. And there’s no need to compare Kandi and NeNe’s weddings (although both beautiful) because they don’t compare. I do however believe Kandi’s efforts for her big day, were put forth because she truly loves Todd…..

  • Quatrina Carter

    Luv Miss Lawrence!!!! It justvcant beca black wedding without some shade just aint natural cthulamorotf. I have to agree Rico did a great job on the dress and you can tell he worked up until the minute bc he was tired.

  • Imani Wesley

    The dress was beautiful and it makes no difference if it was carried in a bed sheet or a brown paper bag there no way for it to get wrinkles any Kandi would fill them out completely…Beautiful day Kandi so happy for you…..

  • Emma Dean

    Point is her gown was still intact and she wore it well if it was in a
    Black Trash Bag it was taken care of now all
    Of you are HATERS now go get a life ok!!

  • Rita

    We are talking about Kandi’s dress/wedding here. It was beautiful. I think the designer explained why it was delivered the way it was on the same day as the wedding. Why should it matter anyway just as long as it was finished and Kandi was pleased. Some people make mountains out of mole hills.

  • Rico delivered he didn’t have much time he did make and design all the dresses as gifts so he was late so the dress was in a sheet! Kandi didn’t give a hoot about a sheet! Her wedding was beautiful Kandi and the whole wedding party looked amazing. Congrats

  • V.Ramon

    As they say “haters will see you walk on water and say it’s because you cant swin” bottom line the wedding and the dress turned out beautiful and rated #1 of all the Housewives weddding. Job well done Rico!

  • diane james

    Sheree and the other 2 ladies want a be get you a life.The wedding was beautiful. I would love to see yall top it.Quit hating.Sheree first get you a man.

    • kimmey latson

      I agree. The wedding was beautiful and the dress was beautiful who cares how it was transported? Kandi didn’t. Some people just can’t be happy for others.

      • Claudia Reid

        How come nobody mentioned Sheree’s bad hair at the Wedding

  • MsPrttyBlck

    I don’t see why they was even talking about it, Khandi saw that it was wrapped up in a sheet and didn’t get mad about it. Wasn’t like it was getting wrinkled. But I guess queens got to notice and gossip about everything.

  • T’lah Garrett

    I wouldn’t even trip that’s them it was to be expected….. If it wasn’t the dress it would’ve been something else. But they had nothing but good things to say about the dress it was just brought in wrong

  • Wanda

    While y’all continue to talk about Kandi’ s dress what about when that dummy Porsha said to her sister did you see the tiger out front? I was on the floor laughing my butt off how you not know the difference between a Lion and a Tiger?

  • Msg99

    The Wedding was Beautiful and Amazing, Kandi was a Lovely bride and the dress was obviously what she wanted. I love Fashion Queens!!! Derek J and Ms. Lawrence was just being themselves and doing what they normally do state their opinions on everything. Although I don’t like Rico he did an amazing job on Kandi’s dress. And Sheree is a known hater she talks about everybody that is why she is still single and alone, no house, no She by Sheree and no man I am truly glad that she is no longer on the show I really got tired of seeing her tired a** pretending to be something she’s not..

  • Cynthia Davis Bullock

    Sheree is raggety as hell so she need to keep her trap closed, she ought to be glad she was invited looking worse than the 2 queens.

  • Rhonda

    Garment bags can and have damaged couture wedding gowns and other Couture pieces, If I create a masterpiece I and I alone only know the best way to hancdle that piece that I created……………..I Love you RICO

  • Messy

    Kandi is my favorite housewife, but her dress was horrible. The sheer part looked like old panty hose, and the bottom part looked like a cheap flea market rug, Ms. Chappelle would have wanted to do it for free.

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    • lisha thomas

      Now u Know! dah Jesus

  • Miss Opinionated

    The dress looked free. The dress was absolutely hideous. It looks like couture gone wrong. Feathers?? And nude with her complexion. It was all wrong. Trying to be too “Different” is not always good. People who don’t know fashion think because something is strange looking it must be hot! Not in this case.

  • Jemini

    They didn’t want to be too rude by saying how awful the dress was so they talked about something trivial. Dress was hideous.

  • Teijuania Finley

    Kandi, the wedding was beautiful and you married the man of your dreams, as for Sheree, i did like her, but whose marrying her? The one she did have, didn’t even want to pay her child support, she’s the only person I know that was married to an athlete and didn’t get a dime, with two kuds, so there’s no room for her to throw shade, when her world is dark. As for Derek J, and whatever the other one name is they’re completely confused about life, because they have yet to discover whom they are a man, or a woman. So let there light, and not darkness in those three world. Keep your head up girl.

  • Kwintessential

    I did do a side-eye at the way the gown was transported, however it was there, it was worn, and it was fabulous.

  • D.Jackson

    1st of all I would send all future business 2 Sir Rico….Yes SIR……Because he NOT Only Designed & Made a 1 of a kind Wedding dress 4 Kandi & Her 8 bridesmaids dresses as well with NO Fitting n a Very short time Frame n like 4 to 5 weeks. ….He Barely ate or Slept during that time. …So I wouldn’t Care If He Brought the W/Dress n a Blk Trash bag………..OH Did I Mention He Did It 4 ……….FREE………YES …SIR RICO…U.R . The 1 to See May U Received The praise that u so Greatly Deserve. ….

    • lisha thomas

      So Right!

  • Lisa Cole

    The wedding was Beautiful and however he got your dress there if it didn’t bother you it shouldn’t have bother them. That’s how you can tell your not about material things cause some brides would hav been wth and when I saw it is what I said. It didn’t faise you one bit I giggled a minute and was like oh well he did that. All the dresses we outstanding

  • duchess

    People need something to talk about. And because they don’t have anything negative to say about kandi they decided to talk about her dress not being in a garment bag .
    people need to get s life.if kandi didn’t see any issue why would anyone else

  • Ramona

    Dress made,dress delivered,dress worn. Derrick and his crew needed air time. He made himself look childish.

    • stacey

      And I can say is so does sheree, she is very bored needs sir time as well. And off the record, I wish you neenee, and Cynthia can talk private and patch things up very good women and I don’t like how things have turned out.

  • Quita T.

    It’s really sad that they are so messy. Sheree need to sit her broke a** down. Idk why they tell their business and to Lawrence and that other one because all they do is circulate the mess. Of all things to talk about on Kandi’s day. Soo miserable they can’t help but be messy.

  • REAList

    The designer (Reco) is very talented; HOWEVER, I’ve attempted to patronize his business, and his customer service is deplorable. Given my experience with his company, it does not surprise me that the dress was not delivered professionally. Do better Reco! You could be so much more successful if you did. #NoTea #NoShade #JustLove

  • K.L.J

    Lol let’s be real….Lawrence, Derek J, and Sheree…..are we really caring about what the supporting cast has to say. Wait Sheree is not even supporting cast, she is more like an extra. As for the two men in women clothing (sending the wrong image for gay men everywhere) take a damn set.

  • Keesha

    Ppl will always talk about something. I don’t think Kandi gives two hoots about what they said. I really don’t think what they said was even worthy of a whole todo. It did happen Derek J didn’t lie about anything and he expressed his feelings to Kandi herself.

  • Denise Lopes

    Sherri is just a jealous freak. It is mind boggling to me they saw something so beautiful and had to find anything to complain about. People, get a life. Derek J I am just as shock this is not a major crisis leave well enough alone. Sherrie just wishes she was in the same league as Kandi. None of the ATL housewives are. #shadeSherriejealousSherrie

  • Joketime

    One of the two women could have done Sheree’s (the Man’s) hair.