Watch Xscape Sing Together For The First Time In 18 Years

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In case you missed the announcement…Xscape is back!!! After nearly two decades apart, iconic R&B girl group Xscape is getting back together with all four original members!

The group — comprised of Tamika and LaTocha Scott, Kandi Burruss, and Tameka “Tiny” Harris — announced their reunion Tuesday (Feb. 28).

Tamika Scott took to Instagram to share the group singing together for the first time in 18 years, and if this any indication of what we can expect in the future…there’s a lot to be excited about.

“Thought we’d give it try since It’s been over 18yrs when we sang together. Ok @iamlatocha @kandi we still got it girlz. Without rehearsal. @majorgirl was on the plane. I can only imagine how great we would sound with Tiny’s top note. Rehearsal is about to be on fire!! Our vocals are so powerful the iPhone mic can’t handle it. Xscape is back!!! We Coming!! All praise belong to God!!!! #Xscape #uncut #raw #realtalent #unstoppable”

  • Kathleen Tookes


  • Brings back the memories of Sharon Showcase, house parties, Creeping to North Clayton, Tri-Cities for girls, and Sparkles for me,,, even though ya’ll did not drop officially until my freshman year of college … #OLDSCHOOLGEORGIA , before it tried to be something else

  • Roshonne Johnson

    Words could not explain how u feel right now smdh I’m literally in Tear’s just picturing me on the front row at a concert in LA …..this is a dream come true y’all left us high and dry…!!!!!

  • Roshonne Johnson

    Word’s couldn’t explain how I feel right know…smdah I’m literally In Tear’s…. y’all left us high and dry ……I can see me know in the Front Row in LA!!!!! Thanks so much for your healing girls!!! Your Fans miss you …Kandi we see you All the time lol but it’s always good to be Blessed with your voice…my Favorite song Is … say you do!!!!

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  • Latasha R Mood

    I am ao happy!! Such a big fan. Can’t wait for the new music. #prayersanswered

  • Samonia Mckinney


    • Gwen Irby

      Bravo from me too. Awesome

  • Samonia Mckinney


  • Danita Mccaskill

    Im so happy that this group can show these girls of today how to really sing with heart and strengh in harmony sounds like.

  • Geraldine Johnson

    Great job guys, Kandi you never cease to amaze me. You have such great morals and standards. Your mom raised you well young lady. Much love to you and your family. Best wishes with the group.

  • Shanteral Saunders

    Thank yall

  • Tarra Hoy

    Where is tiny

    • AngelUSA

      The article clearly states she was on a plane at the time, smh.

  • Phoenix Gax

    That was very lovely and so AWESOME. Much love to each of you. The world needs your talent!

  • Shay

    You must not watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta… Unless I can sneak into this concert, I can’t see me giving Khandi $1 of my hard earned money.

    • Sean Martin

      You are a hater instead believe what you heard bitch get up close and personal with a real diva you know you a fan BUT JUST LIKE A RAT THAT YOU ARE YOU WOULD SNEAK INTO SOMETHING

    • JayCroix

      Why, exactly?

    • Janice Lamb


  • Mz.Moody

    We needed this!!! WHERE TINY Big headed ass at? Ya’ll don’t be leaving Tiny out!

    • Tonya Norwood

      That was uncalled for

      • Mz.Moody

        Your input on my comment is uncalled for… KEEP IT PUSH’IN & MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS…

        • Loveydoe

          Nothing uncalled for here …one can tell it is just a friendly talk

          • Mz.Moody

            Thank you! I love Tiny and my comment is stating that you guys aren’t complete w/o all of your harmonies! We need the old thangs back! Cause these kids these days… SMDH… One hit wonders and ain’t on stable ground!

      • AngelUSA

        on a plane. It’s in the article.

    • AngelUSA

      On a plane. It’s in the article. Smh.

  • JayCroix

    Whoever was worried that they didn’t still have the vocals needs to watch this.

  • JayCroix

    I have an old VHS video of them singing this on The Box years ago. They still sound just as good.

    • adnaw nosredneh

      Me too

  • Chuck

    Let Kandi know that she can’t sing. She is back in the group to get away from her cheating husband.

    • Jason Hampton

      Chuck shut the fuck up .

  • Kick

    This brother from Omaha just wants to say I wish the best for all of you. nothing better than my beautiful sisters singing about loves ups and downs..much respect

  • Shana Williams

    I got so excited just watching you guys sing together. I love you all. I am glad to see you guys singing. Beautiful voices!!!

    • Nia

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  • was literally JUST singing “Who Can I Run To” to myself today. I’m a poet/rapper out in LA. keyannabean@gmail.com, Keyanna Celina on SoundCloud. I’m working on my album. I would be so happy to get these sistas on my album (I’m a songwriter, too); it’s very uplifting and pro-Black. I’m a grassroots organizer, so I’m raw and connected to the struggle. Google me! I would love to work w/ these sistas

    P.S. Traces Of My Lipstick was my favorite album. “This Is One of those Looove Songs..that you hear in the middle of the night..”

  • adnaw nosredneh

    I love this, they sound so good together. Let’s go ladies.

  • WhereDeyDoThat@

    I was just talking about y’all my favorite group yesterday to my cousin. I shed a tear almost cause I MISS y’all. Y’all helped me through all my pregnancies and did I party?? Hell yeah!! Reppin Oakland CA

  • Chauntise ShoeMaker Middleton

    OMG I got a lil teary watching this y’all were/are everything! I can’t wait for this album the harmonizing ??? I can’t wait for the videos Tiny have to do the stare in the new video like she did when Zebo was acting a fool on her that moment was CLASSIC VIDEO ?lolol??

  • Shawne Carr

    Can’t wait…..I’m so excited right now…

  • Juanita Snelson

    Juanita Hawes. Welcome back girls. Gone too long. Good. Music and. Sound.

  • Lacedra Dunn

    Yes one of my favorite groups ??????

  • siberianb

    It’s about Fucking time. You made fans wait damn near two decades and all y’all still alive and well and still can sing, have resources in the industry etc. Low key Pissed from a fan perspective but better late than never. Thank You Kandi, Latocha, Tamika, and Tiny for letting the past go. Looking forward for more to come from Xscape

  • Wallace Wiggs

    Yes my girls are coming so people “kick off your shoes” and watch this comeback!!!!!

  • Alneda Reyes

    So…Kandi must be getting sick and tired of Atlanta housewives. Tiny cancelling her Family Hustle show. So really to me it seems that’s why the group is getting back together. But I LOVE IT!!!!! Yesssss ladies we miss you all❤❤❤❤

    • Alneda Reyes

      Don’t be like Diana Ross & the Supremes….look out for each other you started from the bottom together in this group and your fans love ya❤

  • Jennifer Smith

    Thanks for re awaking our generation i can think back watching yall on video soul and the harmony yall have yall still got im in tears because this is something ive always wanted to see a come back perfect timing ladies revamp us women with them songz yall got this if yall forgiving each other then i forgive yall for leaving love yall to death cant wait to see what up comings…… yall got this

  • Tamica Sunshine Smith-Parks

    This announcement brings me life. Been wanting this for so long..Day 1 Fan. My kids love your music. After they heard me playing it…

  • Laurie Pierre

    i can’t wait! I grew up on xscape….5th grade on the playground singing their songs. they need to hurry and hit the road!

  • Shariene Houpe

    I’m glad to see you all back together because…Half of these people can’t sing..And If they can sing they don’t write their own music or a lot of old school groups that come back don’t have any new songs to mix with the old ones.

  • Ollie Eaton

    I’m so damn Happy for Xcape!! I found out about the group when I lived in the ATL for 15 years!!! Got hooked…. Y’all left a brother hanging. I still rocked the old jams in Detroit!!! Thank you for getting back together.

  • PB

    I’m so excited! Thanks, ladies, for working it out.