Watch Xscape Perform At The BET Awards

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Xscape made a triumphant return to music at the 2017 BET Awards with a powerful medley.

Seated and in brightly sparkling outfits, the quartet began belting out a trio of their biggest Nineties hits.


Starting with “Understanding,” each member showed off their abilities to belt. They then transitioned to “Who Can I Run To” and “Just Kickin’ It,” two singles of theirs that cracked the Top 10 during their height.

The group announced their reunion earlier this year and will appear at the 2017 Essence Festival in July for their first full show in 20 years.

  • Deborah

    Y’all killed it!

  • missyhill

    U guys did great coming back after all thesis years!!!!!

  • BeachN

    The silver costume was definitely NOT flattering. It only emphasized the already large areas. Good luck to the girls and here is hoping that they can get it polished like a fine diamond instead of a diamond in the rough.

    • Sylvia

      I agree…..I love yall girls, but if you OPEN to feed-back?…..more practice is needed…..yall trying to out-sing each other instead of blending your voices…Candi, you need the most practice cause your voice sounded “shaky” and a little flat on some note….and what’s with those outfits???……Yall older women… classy wit that… and good luck……I really love yall

      • BeachN

        Totally agree with you. Candi was so low you couldn’t hardly understand what she was saying..Polish that stone girls!

  • Sharon Brown

    It seriously was not long enough they should’ve got to do a full set like Beyonce I wanted more.

  • LaQuita Simone

    Omg! Y’all can still SANG. I’m still high. Xscape is on repeat all day! I’m going down memory lane Baby! The return of REAL R&B is here.

    • Tammy Adams

      Yes hunny!! You girls slayed it!!! It has been a long time and this bought back memories. We need this type of R &B back 😘 I love you ladies keep it coming because you have much support!

  • Mz.Moody

    We soooooooooo missed y’all asses!!! And Big headed Tiny came to slay yesterday… You all did phenomenal! I CRIED… 🤣
    (My daughter was “Are you crying” I was like “YES, don’t know how these songs impacted and still impact my life till this day!… Just wait child, just wait!!!”… lol

    • Marlene Hall

      Yes Tiny was not playing. The sister in the silver was cute but I like for all them to be in black. You always have that one person that wants to stand out tho. I was disappointed in Kandi a lil, she only killed one song. Overall for their first performance is was good & I will go to their concert.

      • BeachN

        The Silver costume STOOD OUT ALRIGHT! Like a Helium Balloon. You guys need someone to choose costumes for you to keep it classy.

      • Mz.Moody

        They just warming up… Add in age, kids, Kandy and allllllllll her damn businesses, hustles, and everything else I’m just happy to see them together… No stunt doubles, “Fake Temptations”… or “David Ruffin & The Temptations ass egos”… lol… They could sing they originals over and over and It’ll be A-OK with me… They just need to rebuild their wind…

  • nehru2009 .

    Awesome job. Kandi just got outta breath on that last junt. They need to do a little cardio/sing to get back into the swing of things. I’m her for all of it! #xscapereuniontour

    • Lloyd Gardner

      Stop hatering …………They did there thing..I bet your ass can not sing a Dam Note…

      • Jessie Jones

        I don’t think that they are hating. She was out of breath.

        • Donna Marshall Hebert

          Right, she was out of breath. Someone needs to learn the english language and spelling lol.

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    Yes a tour get in that studio ladies, new edition, BBD, SWV or a tour of all the girl groups from that time.

  • BeachN

    Was expecting Candi to be a lot stronger with her vocals. Didn’t happen.

  • Tiana Brown

    They did that!!

  • Danielle

    Fuck all that!!! I think ALL four of y’all looked AMAZING!!! The outfits were SEXY on everyone!! Can’t even tell y’all all have kids. I feel like the performance was EVERYTHING!! Y’all keep pushing. You guys were the ONLY reason I watched the BET Awards!!! I love Xscape!!!!

    • Author Belinda Hunter

      #Fact they were great.

  • GirlPlz

    AWESOME. Those girls can sing and they look FABULOUS!