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Watch The Full Cynthia Bailey Eyewear Commercial

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta ladies’ trip to Jamaica may have been yet another dramatic getaway for our favorite Georgia peaches!


But out of their sometimes rocky journey, Cynthia Bailey still managed to complete “the ‘mercial” with Kim Fields and the rest of her RHOA castmates.

In the clip, Bailey receives just a little shade from her sister, Malorie Bailey-Massie, as she relaxes beside the beach in Jamaica. But when she pulls out her fierce pair of Cynthia Bailey Eyewear shades and puts them on, her situation takes quite an exciting turn…with a few surprise guest stars!

  • LoveMyJob

    It turned out nice….. so glad fake girl wasn’t in it!

  • ReGina Crawford♌

    I loved the concept! Great Job Kim Fields!

  • Valeria Stewart

    Love the Cynthia Bailey eyewear commercial. Kim did a fantastic job on this project . It’s a grabber. Make you want to go and buy these sunglasses. A must have!

  • Douglas Woods

    Cute commercial !!!

  • Charlotta Marshall


  • Kimberley44

    It really came out so good. Kim did an excellent job.

  • Gina Jackson-Powell

    Kudos Kim (Tootie) Fields….you did a marvelous job baby! I love the concept of the black, white and colored take on the ‘mercial!

  • Nicole

    Great commercial! Kim Fields did fantastic!

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  • Patricia Miller

    Professionally done KIM GOOD WORK!!!

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  • Sisi

    Where are they sold? Was looking forward to seeing Kenya in the mercial.😒😒😒

  • LusciousLori Singh

    It was actually a very nice concept… Great job well done by two beautiful black entrepreneurial women… #Amazingly Done #SlayLadies

  • Nancy Spranger Rivera

    Well I guess Kenya has to shut her mouth now about Kim Fields talent. This was a fantastic clip of the mercial!

  • Bobbi

    I’m sure Kenya is celebrating not being a part of this Cheesy commercial. I see why Kim can’t get a job producing/ directing.

    • A. Walker

      Bobbi or Kenya’s minion, stop hating

      • Bobbi

        I know it’s hard but be a grown just for a minute and mind your business, like everyone else.

        • Soljagirl

          Guess they should
          Have used you to produce /direct. FYI grown folk don’t side talk like YOU just did about Kim….Nothing “GROWN” about THAT comment.

          • Bobbi

            Can you explain to me again why I care about your opinion? Surely, I missed it the first time.

      • Tia35

        We know that Kim has been producing and directing for years (recently for Tyler Perry). Not everyone is going to like this or give it a chance. Just let them have their say. By the way, the commercial is doing it’s job, selling glasses. She did a good job.

  • Msval

    I love the Mercial Kenya is hater because she did that x rated movie

  • Marla Perkins

    Good job and why talk about Kenya it’s all about Cynthia and Kim doing a great job!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾

  • Tasha Biltmore

    Great Job Tootie!!

  • heyyyyy Tootie!!!!

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  • Dottie WhiteTrashGal

    Very cute! I like it. Good job, ladies and gents.

  • Lynette Booney Boone

    Love It good job!!!

  • Pechez Walton

    The video is not working. Keeps saying “Content Will Resume in 31 seconds. It’s been 5 minutes.

    • Anngee Felton-Mcnutt

      It could be your cellphone I didn’t have any problems

  • Robin

    I think it is a cute commercial, but haven’t seen it on TV yet. I think Ohioans would like it!