Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Watch Mama Joyce Confront Phaedra Parks

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On an all-new RHOA, Kandi finally begins to slow down as Mama Joyce helps her prepare for her bundle of joy to arrive.

Phaedra receives a surprise visit from Mama Joyce and is faced with an offer she can’t refuse.

Cynthia is whisked away by Peter on a romantic getaway to rekindle their relationship. Porsha has a tough conversation with her sister Lauren to discuss how her pregnancy is affecting their business.

Phaedra and Todd work to settle their financial differences, while Kenya heads to Detroit to reunite with her family and hopefully reconnect with her mother.

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  • Rainy

    Joyce should mind her business. Kandi, here we go with the storyline for your mother. I do not want to see Joyce. Also, Kandi is sneaky and boring.

  • Linda Blake

    The show has been so nice without your meddling nosy who gives a crap about your mother she brings absolutely nothing to the show she needs to bake cookies or cross word puzzles anything to keep her out of the show since she has been out of sight you can be sure no one has given her a second thought much less one. Thought get rid of the tiring old broad

  • Dancing Mom

    I am just going to be nice and say that your monster is the last person you should be taking advice from. Riley is such a sweet young lady, and I know you are proud of her. I really have not enjoyed how you have been acting this season, but I am going to just say it was pregnancy hormones and leave it at that.