Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Unseen Footage: More of Peter’s Roast!

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On last nights episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, after Phaedra’s attempt to reunite the group fails, Kandi and Todd decided to bring everyone together for a roast of Peter.

And while we got to see a few of the laughs (and a few moments of awkward silence) there was so much more shade you didn’t get to see…

And Peter was such a good sport about it all! Check out the exclusive clip below.

What did you think of Peter’s roast? Are there any future comedians in the group or should they stick to drama?!?

  • Margie Becker

    I wish the roast for Peter was longer, it was funny

  • Stephanie Hurst

    Porsha didn’t laugh much when the other’s were roasting peter. But everything Phaedra said something , Porsha was showing those big ass horse teeth, like that shit was soooooooooooo funny!!

    • Leigh Burton

      Porsha has fake teeth and fake breasts!

      • Stephanie Hurst

        Don’t forget the fake ass, lol.

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