Kandis Wedding

Todd Tucker: ‘I Am Not An Opportunist’

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Viewers are finally going to see Todd Tucker and Kandi Burruss tie the knot on the upcoming Kandi’s Wedding (which premieres on Sunday), but as any fan of The Real Housewives of Atlanta knows, their journey to the altar was not an easy one.

Now Todd is opening up to Buzzfeed about how he dealt with some of the drama, including frequent accusations from Kandi’s Mama Joyce that he was a golddigger.

“I am definitely not an opportunist,” he says point-blank. “I didn’t enter this relationship expecting or wanting anything from Kandi. I was already in TV production when she and I first met, and I continue to do my thing. I am currently producing a show in L.A. which I did on my own, without any help from Kandi. When people say that, I think they are dealing with what is inside of them. It gets annoying, because why can’t I just love Kandi for her and not her money?”

Todd admits that the road to prove his feelings has been challenging. “The journey was like a heavy weight fighter who fought ten rounds and then he had to go fight ten more!” he says. “It was a tough journey, and it takes you back to past relationships when the woman says, ‘you didn’t fight for me.’ I now understand what that means now, because I fought with all of my energy for this relationship.”

And was it all worth it in the end? Yes, according to Todd, who calls life as a newlywed “amazing.”