Todd Tucker Hilariously Interviews Kandi Burruss TMZ Style

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So Todd thinks he’s funny!!! Just when I thought I was getting a low key ride to the airport he decides to hop out the truck and ambush interview me TMZ style!


Ok so maybe he’s a little funny LOL…This is exactly how those TMZ interviews are for real! Catching you off guard and looking crazy. He even pressed me with the hard hitting questions!

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@todd167: TMZ ATL! Who wants to be apart of my new show!”

Don’t worry, I’ll get him back when he least expects it.

  • Geraldine Johnson

    Have fun and enjoy your vacation. Much love Kandi. SUE Porsha whore ass for saying the drug thing. I believe it’s defamation. Someone needs to stop her from lying on people.


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  • Jenean Wyatt

    Much love Kandi! I’m glad you all can have fun and enjoy each other. Did you notice that he got a close up of your boob before he cut the camera off? lol

  • Chuck

    Kandi & Todd are both frauds. Todd aka Marvin is there for the money & Kandi is just a slut. I believe what Porsha is saying.

    • caliicentavalley

      Them you are as dumd as Pordha

  • LucyLou4731

    Team Kandi! Porsha and Phaedra are haters. They need to get a life. Head up Sis know that you are loved. Continue doing you

  • Nichol Drake

    Hey Kandi nice interview!

  • Shad LaCour

    HA! He actually did a good job! Future reporter?