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Todd Tucker Calls Out Phaedra Parks For ‘Playing The Victim’

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta is about to get explosive as season 8 reaches its third and final reunion special. Todd Tucker and Phaedra Parks have had problems all season long on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and it looks like things come to a head during part three of the season eight reunion special.

Tucker is friends with Parks’ estranged husband, Apollo Nida, who’s serving time in prison for fraud. In parts one and two of the reunion, Parks called out some of her castmates for not offering to help her family more while Nida is behind bars, but Tucker shows no sympathy for the Atlanta lawyer in the clip below.

“I have really been a friend to you,” she says. “It’s not about that,” Tucker snaps back. “It’s about your ways.”

Tucker reveals he believes Parks called federal authorities on him and Burruss, telling them that the couple was holding some of Nida’s belongings at their house for him.

The issues were amplified throughout the season because Tucker felt Parks hadn’t paid him on time for a video he worked on with her. Parks brings Nida into that beef, telling Tucker, “You were running around with my husband, drinking, smoking, doing whatever the heck you were doing!”

Tucker isn’t having it, though, saying she should leave Nida out of their business arrangement. “Play the victim,” he says. “Play the victim! Let’s keep it real. You know so much about what Todd was doing, but Apollo was in your house and you didn’t know what the f**k he was doing?”

Part 3 of the RHOA reunion airs Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo.

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  • diamain

    I Think Todd was wrong in the way he spoke Phaedra, if Apollo was handle it’s when he should spoke with him. But these man let there women speak for them, and that punk Todd is going to call her out that not right, and Kandi think because had a baby she above the drama well your ms kandi you are the drama.

    • Emory Marshall

      Apollo had nothing to do with it. Todd kept quiet because of Kandi. He didn’t speak to her wrong. She was wrong for even putting false information about Todd out there. I commend Todd for keeping his mouth close for so long. She didn’t even have a come back for why she didn’t know what her husband was doing but can say so much about Todd.

      • Carol

        Todd and Kandi were the ones who brought the video to the public’s attention first. They were the ones trashing Phaedra in the beginning of the season. Then it went from there!

        • Betty Roper

          Exactly. He never mentioned anything about Phaedra owing him until he told Kandi because he wanted Kandi to approach her. If he was upset about the money..why didn’t he just call Phaedra on the phone and meet with her. All bullshit !!

      • Betty Roper

        Oh please !!!

      • dria

        Im sorry if in fact phadera said it between me and you. Then me and you doesn’t include Kandi or peter or don juan or any of the people he chose to discuss it with. Gtfoh he’s less than a man mad at a women because shes had enough of an abusive husband. A real man would have had words with apollo over the way he treats his wife. Apollo is co owner of nida fitness and her HUSBAND there is no such thing as he had nothing to do with it. You women kill me. Kansi is a bad friend and todd is a lil sissy. I wonder how much he knew about his best friends criminal activities.

    • Betty Roper

      Wow yes I agree. I think Todd was showing off for his wife and the camera… Kandi wanted to team up with Todd. It’s funny they did not blame Apollo for anything but they are ready to jump on Phaedra….wow!! Why did Kandi allow him to speak that way to a woman lol double standard !!

    • Antoinette Lurks

      For real it was so out of line and horrendous! I really dont like the way either one spoke to her. But I say this with friends like them WHO needs enimies

  • Dora Jenkins

    I don’t know why everyone is saying Phaedra sent the Feds to their house when they were on tv saying they had Apollo stuff at their house…Duuhh. The feds be watching. And I agree with Phaedra why didn’t Todd ever ask for the money when Apollo was here. Kandi will do anything Todd tell her to do just a shame. Sad that Kandi and Phaedra aren’t friends anymore but that’s Kandi’s fault for not being a good friend and siding with her husband friend

    • Jno

      I agree the Feds nabbed Teresa and Joe the same way someone saw the show and was like let’s see. But no one ever mentioned Peter and Cynthia so them going there does lead one to believe Phaedra dropped dime.

      • Carol

        No, Cynthia did say they had some of Apollo’s stuff too!

        • Betty Roper

          Yes they were all on Apollo’s side…can you believe that wow !! Apollo was a big big liar and they stuck by him and not Phaedra. That is too much !! I think they are jealous of Pheadra. They believe the lies he told them about Phaedra also….some friends Todd says “you got all these certificates” she has degrees not certificates. lol

      • Jariah richelle Chambers

        There you go agree agree agree she isn’t as innocent as she claim to be nothing to do with the fall out ,but she seem very sneaky period to me

        • dria

          So what was she supposed to do if she did know? Snitch on her ducking husband??????

    • Betty Roper

      Yes Yes !!!!

  • Lori Jackson

    I believe Phaedra knew he was up to no good. She didn’t want to be tied to whatever went down, so she made herself extra busy. Mortician school, charities, her kids, whatever. You can’t save someone who won’t take responsibility for their bad decisions. Big head Todd forgot Phaedra was the one in his corner to get Kandi and Todd together. I don’t see the girls friendship ever going back to what it was.

    • Betty Roper

      Phaedra may have know….but what can you tell a man who has his mind set to deceive. Phaedra tried her best to get him involved in other things legally but he wanted no parts of it.

    • Jariah richelle Chambers

      They friendship was over when she told Nene and porsha They were her only friends # gtfoh if one of my friends and I fell out I’m going to allow myself to calm down and than approach my friend and hope we can resolve whatever the issue is if not she know how I feel , I know how she feel and I’m going to keep it moving

      • dria

        If one of ypur friends turned her back on you in a situation like that after witnessing the abuse you endured. Sweetheart she was never a friend and you be a fool to think otherwise.smh


    I believed Todd was totally disrespectful cursing at Phaedra. I mean she did make a great point, “you hang out with my husband, why didn’t you approach him….Kandi, wake up..Todd hanging out with apollo and you are newly married…..what is wrong with this picture……Kandi…….Girl, don’t love to deep….

    • Betty Roper

      OMG thank you…I feel the same way!!!!

  • Starr

    Todd has been acting like a bitch all season about that little money. It does lead one to believe that he really NEEDS it. He came at her all wrong ESPECIALLY if that supposed to be your friends wife. Kandi does the situation no justice by continuing to defend him. IF SHE DID call the feds…so what. They were wrong for harboring that criminals stuff…he can put his nose in that business though. Todd need to stop, this really isn’t a good look for him.

    • Betty Roper

      You are so right and she did do Todd a favor with his mother. Therefore Todd could have been more humble with his approach. I really don’t think Phaedra called the feds. I don’t think she is as dirty as Kandi and Todd.

  • Drsprov31

    My husband would have never talked to my friend like that. He would have asked that I settle the situation regardless who was on the email or part of the original agreement. If anything, Todd should have asked Apollo for the money…man to man. Maybe everyone has a different meanin for friendship, but I Paul’s not let my husband or any man speak to me friend in this manner. SMH

    • Betty Roper

      Exactly. Since Phaedra was Apollo’s to man he should have told Apollo how he felt…..just like he did with Kandi when he told her to approach Phaedra. Kandi and Todd are full of shit.

    • Jariah richelle Chambers

      I agree we had this same discussion in the Facebook group .I agreed that if any of my family members or friends have a issue with another i usually tell my husband and he talks to whomever it’s involving and if that doesn’t work then I’m going to check your ass.we went to a cookout toke our on meat and one of the other men’s wife start pinching and eating off our meat I told my husband and he said something to her reason it was his Friend’s wife

  • Drsprov31

    Excuse the typos…I was typing fast. 🙂

  • Aimee

    I’ve been watching RHOA since the very 1st season until now, and Phaedra was wrong for approaching a man about anything concerning how she felt about their dealings with her husband, so she got just what she was asking for from Todd. She seems to know what everybody else is up too but didn’t know what her own husband who was living in the same house with her was doing.

    • Betty Roper

      Wow !! I been watching it since day 1 even though I said I wasn’t watching it any more because of Kenya. But I do understand what you are talking about…don’t understand what you mean “Phaedra was wrong for approaching a man etc…Andy asked a question to Todd about if he thinks Phaedra called the Feds and Todd said yes and then right into getting on Phaedra about his money….so Todd started that conversation….What did Phaedra do wrong …she was defending herself. Todd was being overly nasty. The only thing Phaedra ever said about their husband was that they were so worried about her husband…they should be worried about their own.

    • Diamond Sanchez

      I agree

    • dria

      Because her husband wasn’t goung around telling everyone like todd did. Duh

  • justbeingme

    Todd was wrong in how he handled Phaedra at the reunion and unfortunately their reputations and fan base will suffer because of his bad “emotional” behavior. That was not a good look for him or Kandi. I think it could and should have been handled differently. Even Andy was uncomfortable by his language and attack.