Kandi's Ski Trip

Todd Confronts Kandi’s Family

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Mending and blending isn’t always easy…

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  • Elizabeth McGuire Wells

    Good on you Todd, letting them know you will not put up with their sh-t.

    • joyce black

      Love you Kandi,be happy,live your life,your daughters,respect your elders,and love them,Their comfort comes first,your can ajust more easyer than them,just a reminder,Praying for family love and appreciation of life

  • Elizabeth McGuire Wells

    All she sees is that Todd will get the money not her.

  • Elizabeth McGuire Wells

    Kandi Needs to stick up for her husband.

  • Monique Rousseau-Stewart

    Kandi was looking like she was praying praying praying for a peaceful conversation…. Thank u God for answering prayer!!

  • Becker Shawn

    Great job Todd for trying to communicate! Hopefully your time invested in the relationship will speak volumes itself. If not, family is family…we all have a little crazy in ours! You have to be strong, love Kandi and except all her “baggage” fixable or not.

  • Mrs.smith

    I’m glad Todd is trying as always even now still trying but damn kandi when you get married you are supposed to be as one . Todd all by his self.. Damn kandi momma Joyce need to know she not breast feeding anymore… I hope this works better too much drama all the time.. For nothing

    • Donna Alfonso

      Incredible how the aunts, cousin, and mom are always bitching and moaning about everything. They are all so ungrateful. I would put them on the next plane to Atlanta. They need to respect you, Todd, and your marriage.It is normal to spend time with your new husband as you begin your married life together. You have spoiled them and they don’t seem to appreciate or respect you.

  • Judith Overbey

    Kandi girl I love you and your family and I by no means mean any disrespect to anyone but you have go to put a hold on your mothers tongue. Stand up for your husband. When you got married you became one so when Joyce disrespects Todd she disrespects you. This is not good for your marriage nor for Riley to see all this bickering. I no you love your mother but face reality, she scared that if anything happens to you she will be left out in the cold with no money or means of support. And for Gods sake DO NOT let her move in your house with y’all.I’m just speaking from experience.

  • Joyce Williams

    Todd cannot win with this family. Kandi does not support him no matter what. Everything is funny to her, she is always griinning until someone says something about her and her mama and then her behind wants to cry, which sickens me. He needs to pack his bag and leaves. I can’t stand Kandi or her Mama. Its all about her money and they cant’ see beyond that. Money can buy lots of things, but iwhen you cannot share your gifts per se with someone you care for its a lonely road. Kandi and her mom needs to be a house together. This familly is “whack.”

  • Massaquoi

    Mama Joyce and her sisters and Winnie are parasites and are deeply disturbed. These people are never happy. Khandi is in her own little world. I think Todd should run from this dysfunctional clan.



  • Susan Ramsey

    Just saw the mending and blending. Look I respect my elders but there just comes a time when you have to let folks know they’re crossing lines. I feel these women(kandi’s family are so incredibly ungrateful and ridiculously selfish). It is amazing that Kandi has grown into such an amazingly beautiful woman. She does anything she can to keep peace yet is picked apart for everything. Where is the simple gratitude. That’s what’s wrong with folks nowadays. In my eyes you do way more than you should and I think I would have to consider a little distance because they just seem unhealthy for you. Resentment riddled with jealousy over your happiness and success and somehow feel entitled to your success! You give and they are not happy! Bump that. Step up and let them know you don’t have to do what you do but you continue to because of your depth in caring for them. Eventually you have to stop so they realize just what you do. After watching them time and time again my guess is that will only piss them off more and they won’t get the lesson! For what it’s worth I think your an amazing person!

    • Shawna

      So selfish. I mean they got a free vacation! They had their own CABIN and not a room. They just wanted to be in with Kandi. Going as far as to kick out their kids (who of course want to spend time with their parent’s and riley is still a kid) to get their way. My elders expect respect too, even though I’m grown with a kid, but there have got to be boundaries!

    • Bruce

      I agree with you 100%. Kandi really needs to stand up to her family and finally say enough is enough. This is my husband and you all don’t have to like him but you will respect him. Mama Joyce needs to stay in her lane.

  • Shawna

    That was good to see. Of course you change when you get married. You’re married. There are different priorities. And if you not being around as much bothered them all so much – they have arms. They know how to call.

  • Wendy Person

    I think Todd handled that well no disrespect but I clearly dont know what Todd’s uncle coming in and kissing his wife and Todd didnt had to do with the subject at hand

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