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The Source of Those Kandi Rumors Is Finally Revealed

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This season, The Real Housewives of Atlanta have been dealing with a slew of rumors about Kandi Burruss. It all started with rumors that Kandi and Shamea Morton, Porsha Williams’ friend, had been together, and insinuating that Kandi has “been in the closet.”

Things became confrontational, especially when there was talk about Kandi and Porsha kissing, and possibly doing a bit more. During their lunch, many accusations were made, including Kandi’s “dungeon,” a 7-year relationship with a woman, and that Todd’s using the alias Marvin.

If you can’t wait for next Sunday, get a sneak peek at the next episode now:

Then during the Hawaii trip Kandi came handy with some receipts. But the biggest accusation was a shocking one: Porsha claimed that she heard Kandi tried to drug her.

Of course, Andy Cohen wanted to tackle this issue during the reunion, and during Part 3, the perpetrator of the drugging rumors was revealed. The person who told that to Porsha was none other than…Phaedra Parks?!

This came as a shock, since she and Kandi used to be so close. It looks like there may be some trouble in paradise for Frick and Frack…

Don’t miss the shocking conclusion of the RHOA reunion Sunday at 8/7c only on Bravo.

  • Heather Jones

    Not shocking Phaedra seems shady

    • Carolyn Minter

      She is more than shady!*

  • Alexis Msbadazz Steele

    OK so did u hear Todd say the feds still watchn let’s just make this clear that’s sum messy ass bs for a fuckn man like Lil man u messy peter old dried up ass walkn off talkn bout women y’all mfs got daughters remember this shit Phaedra looked stupid u r a attorney an u made ur self look foolish damn an here goes Nene wit da mess its a reason u was not here this season messy messy messy sharee sharee sharee girl u topped it off u bitches hell

    • Symphoni Zenski

      Alexis, what are you talking about? I think it would be a good idea for you to go back to English glass. I have no idea what you are trying to explain. CONFUSED! ?

      • T Nicole Hinton

        Okay! That was the worst/longest run on sentence ever.

    • T Nicole Hinton

      Geesh..Are you that angry that you couldn’t use at least one period in the entire comment!?

      • Sundria Harris


    • Thomacia Archer

      I caught what Todd said about the FEDS still watching! ! I have always thought Phaedra knew what Apollo was doing! !!?

  • Carolyn Minter

    I’m so glad Ms. Karma, that bad B. Finally pulled the cover off of that fake, phony, greasy, head doctor slut. Phony Fakedra is the scum of the earth. This is what you get when you play with God. Fakedra is a fake, phony, and greasy snake, and HOsha is a damn fool. POINT BLANK and PERIOD!*

    • Idilla Overton Smith

      Poshia is young you were young once, you and i both are not mistake less when it comes to picking friends

  • Charming Labyrinth

    She’s been lying on Kenya for many yrs now and has gotten away with it. So that is why she has continued to LIE on her co-stars. The lady is vile!

    • Idilla Overton Smith

      Please Kenya, has her own issues, she has no stone to throw

  • Kiesha Pinky Makins

    That fake ass lieng bitch Pheardra Smdh she is Such a Hypocrite she claims to be Such a Holyfied Christian but this lady is a DEVIL in Disguise IM GLAD THE WORLD WILL FINALLY SEE WHAT KINDA PERSON PHEADRA PARKS REALLY IS!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH OUT SHEMAR MOORE?BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • leticia

    i wannak now wat her come back would be smdh shame on u pheadra

    • Idilla Overton Smith

      agree, shame on her, but she has to fix herself Kandi no one else can but her and god.


    i would be so scared, of her if she was my friend, just like a serial killer, when he’s ready to kill you, he doesn’t flinch. she does not care for no one, it shows. i hope phaedra, and porsha got there pink slips

    • Idilla Overton Smith

      why does Poshia need a pick slip

  • Sheila Biricik

    Good Ol’ PhaPha got busted! Its just one more reason her self righteous attitude comes back to bite her. I’ve really tried to like that woman over the years, but she consistently makes herself look like jackass. Maybe she’s doing so well in the funeral business because its the dead that aren’t able to point fingers! I am happy for Kandi now that she has some resolution coming.

  • Lollie Singleton

    Pheadra needs to be kicked off the show!!! Her and her lies has brought this show to a new low!!! I hope Kandi takes her lying ass to court and sues her for defamation and takes her for everything she’s got!!!

    • Thomacia Archer

      Phaedra has been kicked off the show. Bravo didn’t renew her contract for next season! !?

    • Sundria Harris

      I hope Porsha and Phaedra get what’s coming to them in worst way. That is accusation that they can’t take back BC it’s out there now. I know that this reality TV but I hope Kandi get both of their asses the legal way.

      • Idilla Overton Smith

        watch it now karma is not good , what you hope for other might come back and bite you.

  • Sheila Talbert

    Who is the Queen dating

  • Sheila Talbert

    Sheila Lewis

  • Idilla Overton Smith

    Their is no yaw – Kandi ok , Phaedra as a friend and Poshia lawyer told her this , so look at the whole picture Poshia was just as shock as you were to find out Phaedra was lieing to her ( about this so called fact) we have watched you this season look like a total fool when you find information instead of finding out the facts about this information then handle it the right way, So quit crying over spoiled milk and handle the situation like a lady with class go to the person who told ( this so called fact) and check her, And show some understanding with Poshia.

  • Emma Tann

    Phaedra is horrible smh lying on that woman like that and got porscha all up in the mix. Yeah phaedra parks need to go and i pray her firm doesn’t suffer but she lies so much even about her divorce with fake documents in tow smh

  • Adele Ewing

    Well I guese porsha was the collateral damage. Phaedra is the most vindictive hateful person I ever seen. Phaedra is so jealous of kandi live.

  • Adele Ewing

    Kandi you need to bring up charges against frick and frack too..two peas in a pod don’t know which one is smarter.she call herself a lawyer​ so she better I would have her defending me I would be in jail. She better keep that other job because she because she can’t lie on them.

  • Carebear

    Was always team Kandi. Real recognizes real. Could see through Phaedra and Nene and all of them. Just drama. Stay classy Kandi.