Kandi's Ski Trip

The Ski Trip Comes To A Dramatic End

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As the ski trip comes to an end, Mama Joyce finally confronts Carmon. Watch an exclusive preview from Sunday’s finale of Kandi’s Ski Trip below.

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  • Patricia Hernandez

    That mama Joyce nothing but a bitch people don’t like her I wish he wasn’t even on the show love to start stuff

  • Diane Mitchell

    That an miserable lady. I don’t know if that’s the only way to stay on camera or if she is that hateful. Why don’t she take a break and travel find true peace off the money her daughter gives her

    • Sophia Charles

      Kandi I use to ‘ve the same situation if you don’t listen you will loose you husband because my husband almost leave me for my family I have to move to another state because of my family you need to put your husband first because you can not have sex and happy family with you mother sorry my love

  • LadyA

    That damn woman serves no purpose on that show, I wish they would get rid of her!!

  • Cat

    Mama Joyce gets a pay check baby! On the serious side, she should stay out of her daughters affairs. There’s a way to express your self with out being bitchy. Let Kand live her life to the fullest. I’m glad that she could not persuade her to not marry Todd.

  • BeachN

    Why is she so hell bent on what she is saying.. Did she see them making out? I doubt that. If she didn’t see them with her own eyes then she needs to quit making up chit. She already killed one person by stressing them out so much they had a stroke. And she hasn’t missed a beat ever since ..always trying to destroy her daughters marriage with her lies. Evil Evil lady

  • aya

    Kandi if you don’t put your family in check .you are going to lose,tell all the bats to go fine a man or look at Each other,one smoke to much and Nora look like came out of a dungon Lol mama Joyce is a lonely old bitch.

  • jeremy

    Mom Joyce just being a mother ….i hope one day kandi finds peace were she will be able to enjoy her mother and her husband ….. because she is deserves that so much …. my god be with her and her family ….

    • awesome

      Jeremy, you know if it was up to Joyce, Kandi would not have a husband, or a man, Joyce feels she is all Kandi needs. Trying to hold on to her daughters money.

      • Donna Alfonso

        Mama Joyce and her sisters never smile. They are all miserable old ladies and they need to get a hobby or something. She makes up lies and rumors about Todd and Carmen just to create drama. If she really cares about her daughter and grand daughter she would stop all the drama and let them live their lives in peace.. Same goes for the Aunts and cousin. They should be happy and appreciate all that candy has done for them. If they didn’t want to go on the free trip they should have stayed home. I am going to stop watching this show…. Too much negativity and drama and hateful behavior.

    • Terrena Crowder

      No she not being respectful sorry Candy big fan , I like Mama Joyce but she wrong its a fine line of being loving then just down right wrong , when is you going to confront her just you because this only way it will stop you have change this . you and Todd is very Nice couple but are you willing to give up your happiness for the sake of you mothers wrongness . Still a big fan have a great day and with all respect

  • Linda

    If Kandi really loves Todd; why don’t she cleave to her husband and let her Mother really see what life is about without Kandi’s money. Old witch

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    • Mazie Styles

      Yaaasss! My thoughts exactly. People will do whatever you allow them to do.

      • A$AP JaZ$Y

        Whatever you won’t they try and sneak to do].. Sneaky mufucas

  • Brenda Lemons

    I disagree with y’all, Moma Joyce is only trying to protect her one and only child since the lost her son. You can see the hurt in her. But no one really paying attention to her that’s why she’s lashing out the way she is. Kandi even turned her back on her mom buying a new house don’t mean nothing to her that’s why she let her friend do whatever he wanted to with the first house.She’s just being a mother.

    • Doll Thompson

      Im Sorry but Momma Joyce is not being a Mother a mother helps and
      Console’s her child…let them bump their own heads not lash out on Everyone!!hold their hands when they need Assistance thats it…Momma Joyce need her own life to worry about!!

    • awesome

      I totally disagree with you. Joyce is not only trying to protect her one and only child, she is trying to protect herself. She does not want anyone other than herself in her daughter’s life. A real mother would want to see her child happy and with her own family. And that is not Joyce.

      • shelley

        I have never ever despised someone I have never met or no on a a quaint ancestors level but Joyce is the Straight up DEMON FROM HELL…I THINK SHE HAD KHAKIS LAST MAN WAS SET UP BY HER MOTHER SHE’S JUST THAT EVIL…I CAN NOT STAND THAT BYTCH…REAL TALK..OOOE..I CAN’T STAND HER SHE IS A SNAKE…THE OF SNAKE…LOOK AT HER GOOD..SHE’S SATAN..

      • rockett

        I remember the episode When Kandi told her mom that she couldn’t move into the new house with Kandi. Seems to me If I remember correctly. That is when she started in on Todd.

        • awesome

          She Joyce has a problem with every man that comes into Kandi’s life. She does not want her daughter happy with anyone other than her. Sad old lady.

  • Elizabeth McGuire Wells

    Lets see were the old crow would be without Kandi’s money, that is all she is worried about, this crap she makes her own money what a load of Sh-t

  • Avery Robinson

    Carmon needs to find another job and get away from Kandi and her mother. She allows her mother to create a hostile work environment and speak in an abusive manner towards her. In addition, Kandi was hell bent on separating her finances from Todd, but fuses her business matters with Todd’s (even though she promised not to).In addition, she’s got her on TV looking lazy.

  • awesome

    All I can say is that Joyce does not want to see Kandi with anyone. She feels that since she is the Mother she should be taken care of and not work for anything, that is the problem she feels that Kandi’s money and all her belongs are her’s. But it is not just Joyec, it’s also her sisters. One of the Aunt’s said something to the fact that she did not offer any money and she did not ask for any. They keep saying if Todd leaves, they will always be there, this is what they are hoping for. The fact the Joyce can not tell the truth and makes up things is a fact and Kandi you need to see it as a fact, look how your Mother lied of Todd’s parents. Joyce and her sisters need to find a life and get the hell out of Kandi’s and Todd’s.

  • Daniel R Martin

    Poor Joyce is so in bedded with hate it has consumed her. Sadly, she driving even those who care for her away. Destined for a lonely old age. In my prayers.

  • Darrell Johnson

    For sake others for your wife/ or husband

  • Mrs.smith

    Omg momma Joyce is too much if I was Carmen I would just quit.. Because regardless of what anyone thinks , she been around for a long time kandi should be able to run her stuff what do u want from her, momma Joyce needs to handle all her bussines I get it about momma is always gonna be mom it works both ways respect… Momma Joyce don’t have that minMrsd set

  • Catherine

    There has to be a line. My mother has to have a place. Mama Joyce doesn’t know her place. Kandi will never b happy. And Todd will leave. A man wants to be the head of his house but if he has to fight 2 with her family every step of the way he will LEAVE. Damn Carmen she needs to ship up or ship out. She’s banking on her friendship more than money. But at the end of the day no work no pay

  • Tiffanie Warner-Shaw

    If I was Carmen I would beat momma Joyce old ass…she one of those old people who think she can’t be disrespected because she’s old, well if you can dish it out you need to be able to take it!! And Kandi ain’t a real fr I end anyway if she keeps letting her mom disrespect carmen

    • awesome

      No that is going a bit to far. Carmen just needs to stand her ground.

    • A$AP JaZ$Y

      mmmm. Birds of a feather

  • Christell Wilson-Latson

    Momma Joyce really needs to stop accusing Carmon of cheating with Todd. Lies hurt especially her being close friends with you and people who don’t know her judging her character by that stuff. Stop it Momma Joyce you’ve know her long enough and any concerns like that should be addressed privately. There’s a time and place for everything.

  • Judith Gage

    Kandi you ask for people’s thoughts but every time they express themselves you become upset. Your mom still wants your marriage to be dissolved. Now she has a new argument, Todd and Carmen supposedly slept together. Really Ms. Joyce? I pray you leave your daughters marriage alone.Find something else to complain about in Jesus name Amen.

    • Richardmwest

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  • princesspr

    Ok…Why are the Aunts the favorite part of this show for me!

    • awesome

      Because they want to be in all the drama

  • disqus_WU11F7MRNl

    Mama Joyce, really need to stop talking about Carmen and Todd sleeping together. Kandi and Carmen been friends since they were twelve. Kandi, is no ones fool she knows where her friendship stands with Carmen. Mama Joyce, maybe had a close friend that disrepected her in the past by sleeping with her man. She need to pray and clear her mind about this ugly statements she keep talking about with no dam proof.STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Sophia Charles

    Hi kandi I love to watch you in the Atlantic housewife you are my favorite one I am so happy for you and you New husband but don’t let you crazy mom broking up you and you husband I love you but I don’t love you mom she is devil


      I agree with you ohia!100%

  • Mr. Jackson

    I stop watching Real Housewives, because it was not too entertaining watching somebody be controlling, an just plan mean for no apparent reason. Just because we are our children’s parents, doesn’t gives any of us a reason to interfere with their relationships. But if that grown person is just going to defend the wrong and not correct it what’s the point. Hate to say it, but I don’t see Todd taking to much more of that foolishness. I would never do that to my children, especially on live T.V. I will always be a fan of Kandi’s. Just wish I never witness that drama in her life.

  • jen

    Kandi you are one pf my favorite reality tv ladies. Enough is enough of your Mom craziness. It appears that anyone who gets close or already close to you, she goes on attacked mode. First Todd, his Mother and Father, now Ms Sharon is no longer here, its back to your best friend Carmon. It’s not her that acting that way but that ugly evil spirits that she allows inside of her. I’ve watched her expressions and demeanor and I reLly can see the changes in her appearance. I will pray for her because it’s obvious that she is a very un happy person.

  • Sandra

    kandi’s ma gets no sympathy from me even IF she had surgery for an “amorism”…I don’t watch the spin-off because of her…

  • nonal

    Kandi I just watched the 3rd episode of your family’s ski trip. And I would like to say Bravo, Bravo, and I’m praying that everyone keeps their word, or at least makes an effort. Great show.

  • LouiseEScheel

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  • A$AP JaZ$Y

    I’m like mamma Joyce. Walk like hoe, talk like ahoe,hmmm must be hoe.. Ain’t to shy off a list I call hoes myself. Looking like whos bad. I squint my eyes when I see the bitch too. First thing I think is scandalous.. Ain’t to liters off a mcdonalds drive thru and a explorer to me’e. mmm. but I aint gone say nothing else.

  • RosieGHutcheson

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