Kandi's Ski Trip

The Mama Joyce Moment You Never Saw Coming

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Kandi’s mom surprises the group by making peace with Carmon and promising to be a better mother and grandmother.

Relive the moment that brought the whole family to tears above. What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

  • Patricia Hernandez

    She is such a lier I don’t like this woman omg she has so much hate

    • DeVayla

      Uou hav d to give people a chance…Are you error free in your own life? Donr ever hate anyone!!!! Dislike thier views, opinions or choiices but no HATE!!!! Change is inevitable

  • BeachN

    believe it when I see it

  • Misses Jones Johnson

    I think momma Joice is sincere and the death of Todd’s mom may have been a contributing factor in the change because none of us know the day or hour we will be called home and maybe she just want s to be in a good place with her family.

  • awesome

    Anyone can change. I hope and pray that she means it and they can be a happy family.

  • ms h

    Todd is just not that into kandi

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