Real Housewives Of Atlanta

The Frenemy Showdown

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Kandi organizes a dinner for all the ladies, but the conversation gets heated when NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey try and work through their issues.


  • lola

    Cynthia is not nice at all

  • lola

    Cynthia needs a story line, so naturally NeNe’s name will always pop up.

  • Tammy lowery

    It’s about time NeNe got in her ass

    • yolanda356

      Really she acting really stink and she knows that ain’t even who she is? She is too sensitive to try to be rude and hard.

  • Yolanda

    I love NeNe an I had much respect for Cynthia but that is gone. I watched there friendship from day one. Cynthia is a flip flopper a go with the wind kind of Girl a lady never spills your tea around people that can care less about you. Nobody asked her to be up NeNes butt she did that on her own and when people started tell her about it she all of a sudden changed true definition of a flip flopper girl bye

    • tony

      U know thats what she do somebody really needs to spank her ass

  • tony

    This is a hot mess

    • anngee

      This is awful. NeNe is nobody’s friend, she feel she can say and do what she wants to people and JUST because she’s NeNe and from the original cast she’s the Boss and it’s ok. NOT… Have we forgotten the loud, rude, disrespectful way she was—once she heard here name called in public or people asking for a picture she thought she was famous and she got alley important, ghetto sophisticated and once she got those veneers, plastic surgery, couple of deals and blonde hair she’s better than everybody. She always talk about how stupid people are. SHE WAS WRONG. If she think Peter was that keep it to yourself because if any other lady had called Greg that she would have been stupid. She dont see her wrong. Why because that’s who she is a Bad Friend. Enough of NeNe.
      Cynthia is wishy washy she’s not a trusted friend to any of the ladies. She wants to fit in but don’t know how to be loyal and neutral. Im glad the ladies told her about how she was around NeNe. NeNe loved treating Cynthia as the child she could control. But we say how NeNe treats her but look what her husband is doing. I love that Leon is in his daughter life but that’s who Cynthia should have put her foot down and made him be a man and get a hotel when he came to town and if he wanted to come to the house to pick his daughter up. He’s been blocking her from moving on. (Most men wouldn’t put up with that bull-only Peter because WE know who’s the bank in their house. So he have to play by her rules)…
      Nene will never change and Cynthia feel she need to prove to the other ladies she’s not going to be pushed over

      • slim

        I agree with you if you look back ppl that have been Nene friend she has turned on them jumped in their faces done all kind of dumb sh.. so I am proud of Cynthia for standing up. And then it wasn’t a true friendship how do you friends under contract my friends are my friend without conditions but hers come with a contract lol and that’s bullshit.

  • tony

    Cynthia always been on bs

  • tony

    Nene need to whoop her ass real talk

  • Janice Mcgee

    Ne Ne speaks the truth!

    • Gwendolyndevinediva Morgan

      NENE needs an enema….cause she is full of shit

    • hbutler


  • Sharon Smith Jett

    Cynthia has always been a flip flopper from day1. Watch all the out takes since she started. NENE sometimes gets on my nerves with all her loud talking and talking over everyone. However, she speaks truth to Cynthia a follower to anyone who listens

  • yolanda356

    Cynthia continues to talk about Mrs. NeNe as a bad friend. And how she don’t owe her nothing. But she keeps talking to her family about Mrs. NeNe. So I feel she miss that attention that Mrs. NeNe use to give her. Instead of being a bigger woman and sit down with your friend and see how you two can be better friend you talk about each other and tell all the secrets real friends argue and make up and move on. But Cynthia is not grown enough to handle Mrs. NeNe. Cynthia needs an escort and her name is Mrs. NeNe.

  • ayden parks dylan parks are all cute adorable sweet beautiful kids children on rhoa. and i love watching seeing them ayden parks dylan parks running playing on rhoa.

  • Kelly Young

    Love me some Nene, but sometimes she needs to shut her mouth and listen, you can’t have a conversation if only one person is doing the talking or over talking some one else.

  • Wow I am in turmoil myself everyone is speaking but no one is listening and if the one’s that are around sitting and listening can not remain neutral then they need not be a part of the conversation. She never heard her say let’s you and I speak. When something like that happens they are the two who needs to work it out when they can’t then they bring other’s in. Ne Ne has said that form day one. She did apologize and because everyone kept speaking she changed. Like any other relationship she don’t hear her say this is us why are you worried about what other’s think or say like any relationship man and woman as an example we go through the same thing. I have been enlightened therefore thankful.

  • TanyaB

    Ppl just need to learn how to say Im wrong and hug it out. A real friendship cant be broken from childish situations. I love Nene but she does need to listen sometimes because she can say how she feels but doesnt give anyone the chance to tell their side. Peter sees Cynthia misses Nene and Nene always talks about Cynthia….gone hug it out ladies!!!

    • trina b

      im saying caz i hate when people keep thinking they right all da time when they know they was wrong the whole entire time duh smh

  • Okambi

    Cynthia received back quickly what she gave to Porsha. Thank you Nene. Nene would have never sit there and let anyone get at Cynthia like that because she was a true friend to Cynthia, when NENE said Cynthia threw her friendship away in front of people who didn’t care if se had a friendship or not Kenya just sit there, she didn’t say Cynthia I care about you or anything. I so loved when Porsha interjected when Kenya was soliciting apologies, she took care of that!!! Lol, Cynthia that’s what real friends do!! Bloop!