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The Christmas Party Altercation You Didn’t See

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In this reunion clip, Porsha Williams opens up about what really happened the night of the Christmas party.

Part 3 of the RHOA finale was full excitement & drama! The ladies rehash the drama of Jamaica from the ups and downs surrounding the execution of Cynthia’s commercial to her downplaying her relationship with Kenya to the group.

In a special appearance, NeNe Leakes gathers with the women to weigh in on the drama and to address the group’s concerns surrounding Porsha’s anger management issues. Shereè and NeNe reflect on their shaky past and where their friendship stands today.

And the men join the conversation to give their opinions on the plethora of hot-button issues including unsettling allegations surrounding Kim’s husband, Chris.

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  • BeachN

    Porsha has gone from a pleaser of her ex hubby to a Diva (in her own mind) . Bringing along with her the hood from her past. Some people just cannot handle a bit of fame while pretending to be something you are not nor have ever been. You are who you surround yourself by. I say the same for Nene. It is truly hard for a non classy person to pretend to be classy. You either are or not. That is the difference in Kim Fields and most of the other girls. Kim doesn’t have to pretend because she has different values than most of the women there. Values gives one character.


      K,you are the only one on that show who is a real black woman you know how to spend how to cook how to love and how to be a mother money and fame is not your priority you are doing what your good at and what you like that’s just stick too your dreams and blow the bad breads out your life,
      You have a lovely husband and three beautiful kids who needs them kind of people in your life jealous of the fact your all real?????

  • Mari smith

    Just the site of these nasty black batches is gross. Ghetto loud foul ignorant. Back of the bus biotch!

  • Mari smith

    Kenya please get a load full of heavy grit sand paper and wash your face and Tonge. Nasty evil and LIAR

  • Kim

    Why do they keep Kenya on the show! Can’t stand her!!! Porsha was abused by Kenya & Cynthia! It’s not right to touch anyone but Porsha was at her breaking point with these 2 bitches! They need to get a life! I totally agree with Mari Smith that posted!

    • Ewmatt

      Did we watch the same program? Pea brain Porsha have no clue. She need to get a brain and stop being a THOT.

  • Kimberley44


  • Carmen

    Kenya is irrelevant to the show. If she’s this way for real, I understand why certain ppl don’t want her in their life because she’s miserably evil!

  • Tasha Wooten

    I have to catch it. But. Kenya does differently. Throw shade n stir the pot.

    • stacy adams

      Dam this is about Porshe’s fighting, how did this turn into Kenya? Wow!

      • Tami

        Exactly what did Kenya have to do with Porsha chasing Jami into an alley and beating her up? Absolutely NOTHING. Leave it to Kenya’s haters to try and make this violent incident about Kenya. Porsha needs to be FIRED. She assaulted Jami. The last time I checked assault is a CRIME in all 50 states.

  • Tasha Wooten

    If u can dish it out u better be able to take it. Know that.

  • Christine Givens


  • Ewmatt

    NeeNee gave dumb Porsha good advice. From day one on the show she was and still an AIRHEAD. Why is she still on the show? Kandi, I laugh out so loud because you put ALL in their place. Thank you so much for putting Ms Fake Parks in her place. Kandi go ahead do you and be you – you do not need them. Be happy Kandi.

  • Your Typical “Emotional Gal”

    Love how everyone attacked Porsha…..NOT!

  • Daphne

    I’m a fan and Mama Joyce is absolutely correct about Phaedra… she waited so long so that the statue of limitations could run out from hebr catching any charges. That’s only if the statue of limitations are 2 years from the incident. That’s only if the same laws apply as it does here in Florida. Those are just my thoughts and it depends on the offense. For example, there’s no statue of limitations if the charge is murder, etc.