Real Housewives Of Atlanta

The BFF Debate Aftermath

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On an all-new RHOA, things are still rocky between Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore.

Meanwhile, Peter plays tour guide and takes the group on a personal adventure to meet his family in Jamaica.

However, Kenya and Matt stay behind at the resort for a bit of romance.

NeNe plays peacemaker in an effort to convince Kenya to come hang with the ladies, all while things heat up between the men when Kenya’s new beau Matt clashes with Peter.

On the day of the big commercial shoot, storm clouds and Kenya’s cold behavior threaten the success of the shoot and dampens everyone’s spirits.

Kim who was on cloud nine is taken aback by gossip about her husband, leaving everyone speechless.

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  • Harper Deborah

    Kenya is such a jealous and vindictive person. She is always so crystal clear with her intentions. Always wants the spot Light. Kim will get with her though!. Glad to see NENE trying to smooth things over between Cynthia and Kenya, but is it really worth it. Maybe if Kenya got some more counseling it will cause her to have a melt down and become a better person. YA THINK!

    • Michele

      I agree with Harper Deborah . I think that Kenya has some deep rooted abandonment issues that causes her to be so spiteful, hateful and jealous. She needs more therapy to address those issues before she becomes a better (not bitter) person.

      • Petula Johnson Kone

        I agree with you kandi