Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Still To Come This Season On RHOA

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Get ready for more shocking revelations….Love dungeons, a surprise engagement, and the return of Kim Zolciak-Biermann!


As the mid-season trailer below shows us, Real Housewives of Atlanta has so much more in store for us.

Which OMG moment has you on the edge of your seat? Sound off in the comments below.

  • butterfly2128

    It’s all too much when you make up story’s about someone that’s not true and its damaging to the to that person you could never take that back

  • My_15_Cents

    Sad part is the lies they spreading they taking it for a joke or to keep their job, but they’re hurting people….and Karma don’t stop because you on a reality show. OAN Kandi I cry when I get upset to…I hate it because people looks at it as a weakness but I really be wanting to rip heads off LOL.

    • patricia ann ALEXANDER

      YES YES

      • Maurice Brown

        Kandi don’t worry about those fame seekers, your character speaks for itself.

        • Elaine Heath

          Especially Sheree she really trying hard to be famous. Her son is nice looking, but not all that. Phaedra is a hypocrite.
          Porsche is needy. Kandi, Cynthia, and
          Kenya are the only three that have a storyline. Kandi above all you are the most talented and rich more than all of them.

    • lynn

      I know how you feel Kandi I am the same way cry when I get mad to the point I want to hurt somebody

    • Rita

      Kenya messy as hell,and I thought Phaedra was better than that, she messy on the cool to

  • NiCole Smith

    I got to pay my cable bill today…this gone be crazy juicy.

    • Racina Higgins

      Lol swear I had to pay mines yesterday.

      • NiCole Smith


  • Yatasha Swinson

    Kandi don’t choke the bitch Porsha although she needs a good one.Porsha stay being messy across the board, Phadrea messy as hell as well talk like she such a saint but the biggest @*!re…Sheree messy as hell also, she will sit and gossip wit you but when the person come she low key start telling shit….she need to let me do her hair IG:Hairwiz77

    • Madeleise

      Porch and is no match for kandi hope her ass gets beat

    • stacy adams

      Please do her hair!!! Lol she needs it!!! Yes Sheree is messy as he’ll. Love to run shit in the ground about Kenya’s house, but she continues to this day not finished with her house. It has been what, six years. Porche so thirsty til it ain’t funny. Slow as hell.. Bricks for brains!! Lol.. Get it Kandi.. Choke that hoe..Marlo need to sit her man made ass down. Why is she on the show..senior citizens side chick is not apart of the show. She better hope she has money saved up by the time she is old.

    • Qsera

      I agree with you 100%!!!

  • Ericka Bulock-Seals

    I really don’t care for Porsha and Phaedra. Phaedra will use you for whatever she wants then will throw you under a damn train. Porsha has no business being on this show, she is really trying to create a storyline, trying to have a baby with someone and then pretending to want to be in a relationship just to get pregnant is stupid as hell. Go to a sperm bank special. Both Phaedra and Porsha both to me act like they have been in bed together, always touching on each other and doing to much. I have been waiting on Kandi to lite into they asses, I can’t wait for Sunday.

    • Shining Star

      Kandi is just as fake and shaded as the next person. She just mad because her dirty was expose. She no better then next girl on the show. She was a side 🐥, got pregnant, now the father of her daughters is the villain. She hated that Phaedra was friend with NeNe, so now all of sudden Phaedra is the worst person on earth. She really need to look around her at her so call friend, whom are just there for the ride, even her fake husband. If Kandi learn to just mind her business and stop throwing shade on poscha and phaedra and stay focused on her fake employee that bleeding her dry, that husband that does not have a job, she won’t have time to be concern with anyone else life. Don’t let Kandi fool you, she probably do go both way.

      • Janice

        Girl bye but I guess that your opinion. Kandi have more money then any of them other women. She married who she wanna to , whether he jobless or house hubby she can afford it. Sound like someone hating on the one who real on this show.

        • Qsera


          • Madison Griffin

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      • Ericka Bulock-Seals

        How is Kandi fake?? Kandi has put up Phaedra acting like the victim when her husband got caught doing what he was doing, I still say Phaedra knew what he was doing she’s an attorney she knows what to do to keep herself from getting in trouble. Telling everyone else about there friendship and problems that they were having instead talking about whatever it was with her friend, Phaedra is just as much a freak as anyone on this show remember Phaedra has clients that are strippers. I do believe Kandi has had enough of her name, family, marriage, kids being dragged by mofos that don’t have nothing better to do.

  • Phyllis Gilstrap

    Porsha does not have a brain & repeats & says anything that will hurt. Kenya is an awful human being. When she is on I go out of the room or turn the channel. Coming close to not watching when she is on so much! Kandi is a hard worker & sweet until she is crossed.

  • Dacie H. Turner


    • TreeyahLove

      Kandi been that chick since her xscape days… So dismiss us with that one..

  • Beverly Moore

    Omg. Did Porsha miss the last time somebody came foe Kandi. (The sleepover event Nene had). Sometimes you have to let the beast in people rest. Kandi cries because she’s passionate about her shit and if you cross that with Bullshit……..well I’ll be watching but I know she won’t run like her coworkers. She got that Mama Joyce in her. Tsk tsk