Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Shereé Whitfield Spills Some Serious Tea To Kandi Burruss

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It’s a “petty party” on next Sunday’s all-new Real Housewives of Atlanta!

NeNe’s “Never Forget” party concludes in an unforgettable way, leaving the girls trying to make sense of what transpired between Kenya and Kim.

Cynthia opens up to her daughter about her new man, while Kenya grapples with heartbreaking family news.

Despite lingering tensions, Shereé invites the girls on a “healing” trip to San Francisco, where she reveals a shocking secret about her romantic life.

A beautiful dinner takes an ugly turn when NeNe and Porsha air their grievances, and all bets are off.

In this exclusive clip below, Shereé spills some serious tea about the drama that happened at NeNe’s party.

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  • Ne

    Sheree Whitfield, is so messy so why is running your mouth Andy needs to kick her off the show I hope Kenya stop talking around Sheree Whitfield she is so messy

  • Ne

    Soon as someone start talking about her azz she would wants to go off, she is not right, Kim and Sheree Whitfield had that plan to come into NeNe house and be messy, you don’t walk into someone house with red cups and Kim said she don’t drink out of nobody cup but her’s. if Sheree take that was cute it was not because Kim started, Kenya don’t have to bring around nobody if she son’t want to. Kandi please don’t laugh with Sheree it is not right, if it was you, you wouldn’t like it, you would start crying and want to fight. so leave them messy people along and Kenya, Please Kenya smile and say hi around them just like Kandi and Cynthia,Sheree Whitfield, is so messy she is nobody friend where is her man heheh

    • mamidearest50

      Well damn are you getting a check for this commentary

  • Ne

    I team Kandi and kenya

    • Kyesha Hamilton

      Me too!!

  • bigmomma king

    It’s funny how she want to talk about evey body business, except her Own! She just want air time! Trying to get them coins!
    I do wish I would have known they were in the City!