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Shamea Morton Is on a Honeymoon So Fabulous, She Doesn’t Care That Her Luggage Is Missing

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Shamea Morton is finally taking her long-awaited honeymoon.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta pal, who has been sharing the prelude to her Kenyan wedding all season, is enjoying the pristine, crystal-blue waters of the Maldives, with one small hitch: Her luggage didn’t make it.

She posted photos from the Atlanta airport showing the couple’s matching luggage, which somehow got lost along the way.

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“We are finally going on our #honeymoon to the #Maldives! Stay tuned.”

Luckily, all they need is each other — and a matching pair of fly “I Heart Maldives” T-shirts from a random gift shop — to be happy.

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“After a cancelled flight and lost luggage we finally made it! This view/place was worth it all! Hubby did a great job! Y’all like our gift shop swag?”