Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Shade For Days

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Kenya continues to build her future dream home and discovers her family relationships are also in need of some construction as well.

Porsha heads to Los Angeles to cover an awards show for Dish Nation, but will conflict with her sister Lauren compromise her performance on the red carpet?

Kandi gets the tea about Don Juan’s run-in with Phaedra and Porsha leaving her skeptical of her mended friendship with Phaedra.

To celebrate the success of her eyewear line, Cynthia hosts a customer appreciation event where drama erupts between Porsha and Kandi.

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  • cris

    But even if she didn’t want him Kandi her kids did bye evil biisshh

  • J Hamilton

    Kandi, your friends the gay guy and the dark chick, took everything wrong that Porsia and Phaedra were discussing wrong, they took it all out of portion. They are so Shady, they are not your friends. Its Noth Porsia or Phaedra it’s them two.

  • J Hamilton

    Kandi, get you some new friends, because i was watching how they were in your office, saying things that were not true, and they brought division between you and Porsia, i’m not crazy about Porsia, but this time she was not at fault. It the friends of yours sowing discard, i saw it. Get rid of them. Its a old saying if a dog a bring a bone, he’ll take a bone, and those two are shady.

  • S Johnson

    Don aka Kandi assistant Get your ass on somewhere you messy Porshia and Phendra was not talking bad about the TUCKERS.. You should have listened a lot closer instead of jumping in the mix cause you heard there names…I guess you want a reality show next…Grow up

  • Guest

    Glad Porsha shut down those thirsty thugs of Kandi’s. It’s not like they thought their 2 cents was going to help the situation. They’re just thugs with a gang mentality. Seems like that’s kind of people Kandi surrounds herself with.