Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Season 7 Fashion Regrets

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Find out which looks (and wigs) the ladies wish they’d never worn.

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  • Sharion Traylor

    Kandi are you upset with NeNe because of Phaedra ? I ask that because Nene have always acted like she had a trillion dollars and we all knew she didn’t but she is not the only one now what about your friend Kenya and Claudia bragging about what they have done or accomplished which is great but one is no better than the other you don’t do that! I think every woman on there is pretty but we all have our faults money don’t change that, I feel the ugliness that started against Porsche by Kenya was to get a story line and then comes Claudia picking on Porsche about her private life to get her a story line they knew who to pick on she was already stressed and really Kenya or Claudia should not have been on the show no ex marriages or children, the name of the show Real Housewives of Alanta who did they marry drama? Kandi I have no money but I could not have given Kenya or Claudia the little change I do have to have pulled that stunt on you they would not have survived you are a strong woman who wont be pushed around like that.

  • Nadyce Green

    Kandi! I think you are the strongest of all the ladies. I really hope that you and Phaedra rekindle your friendship. Friends are forever. I felt even though you didn’t see her, or talk to her everyday you ALWAYS had her back PRESENT or NOT. Phaedra has to remember that you were going through things yourself. You can’t concentrate on her ALL THE TIME. Kandi you have a life you have to live also. You have a lot to take care of and defuse. Keeping the peace with your mother (no disrespect) and all the changes she puts you through. Constantly trying to break up you and Todd up. Causing drama and chaos every chance she gets is enough to drive anyone crazy. Yet you always put her first and try your hardest to keep that mother and daughter relationship. My hat is off to you. I love you Kandi and have the highest respect for you. I know I would have broken a long time ago. I pray that God continues to strengthen you mind, body and soul.

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