Kandi's Ski Trip

Riley Gets Fed Up With The Haters

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Kandi Burruss’ daughter sticks up for Todd’s assistant, Matthew.

What do you think about Riley speaking her mind? Sound off in the comments below!

  • Lynda BigSxy Mytrice

    Good, but its sad that it took a child to put Carmen & Don in their place. Riley was righ, CCarmen needs to take a lesson from Matt. Both of them need a lesson from Riley. Yea Riley

    • the

      Riley thank you, because i was thinking.the samething, they were annoying as hell,off with their heads

  • Sharp

    Carmon should step up.

  • smooch

    Yes Riley. I am not an ‘artist’, but I do have an assistant and my days are so much better because of her. She does what is required of her position and she is my friend. If she was anything like Carmon…chick would be soooo gone. Friend or no friend.

  • Tanisha

    Thank you Riley, your mother had been successfully since the 90’s and still grinding. Kandi Burrus-Tucker brand should be bigger rhan what it is. She grinds on her own behalf sometime because she does not have the right personnel in place. Carmen has been a close fren and sista to Kandi for 25 plus years and Duan Juan general mgr my butt, get busy working instead of mocking Matthew. DuanJuan & Carmen face was broke, Riley.

  • Nora Shirden

    Kandi doesn’t need people working for her that is in conflict with family members, especially your husband. Matt went riggt in there to try and comfort the aunt he is neutral. Jaun and Carmen seem to be plotting against Matt instead of working with him to make things work together Carmen and Jaun dont realize they where wirking against Kandi. Kandi is the onev who has to correct this situation. Jaun and Carmen need to go it’s affecting her family if a 13 yesr old see’s it it’s bad.

  • jazzi jay

    That’s right Riley they should do the Job !

  • Linda Taylor

    Riley and Mama Joyce told the truth ! Carmon need to shape up or ship out !

  • Quesha Hood

    You go Riley lol

  • E Nelson

    I think Riley is right. C

  • Sweet

    Sorry Kandi, but Riley is right Carmen not doing her job to the fullest..

  • Valuptuous1

    Joyce was straight instigating…Lol…but I do agree. There has never been a clip showing Carmon working, she’s made a few taps on a laptop but really … toddler’s tap on laptops too. Thank you Riley for speaking up! !! They were getting in my nerves telling about Todds asst. But you said a mouth full.

  • Sydvixen

    Of course Riley and your mother are correct, I know you trust Carmen and Don but you got to put the fire under their butts or demote them and hire a fierce team. Poor Riley is getting stressed Kandi because you’re being too nice, I was the same way and lost everything, please be the tough that I wasn’t.

  • therealone

    I agree with Riley, the immaturity of don juan and carmen is annoying. I would much rather a professional assistant like Matthew. Don juan is a cry baby and carmen act like she suffers from chronic fatigue. Kandi time to either give Carmen another job or just say bye. So proud of Riley for putting the bullies in their place. Bravo!

  • Michelle Mitchell-Davis

    Sometimes friends arent the best employees, hire a professional and keep friends as friends.

  • Stephanie Hannah

    Riley needs to stay in a child’s place…?

    • Deborah Jackson

      She was In a child’s place she just spoke the truth.

    • Pamela Rene Jones

      Nah she was in her place.

  • Myrlette Evans

    Riley is right plus her mother still paying her and she’s not doing anything either omg ungrateful hoes frfr

  • ruby

    Riley call it out..spoken like a true did that Riley…you are going to do well in life… Carmen do your job…stop making excuses.. You know it wasn’t about toothbrushes…. Think ahead not after the fact….whose laughing now

  • disqus_WU11F7MRNl

    Little Riley spoke the truth.

  • Torrence Matthews

    100% Truth, I love ya Kandi, ever since the days of Xscape, but you play to much… let that stuff off ya chest and put people in their place, the real people that have your back will reveal themselves, family, friend or foe…

  • Kesha McMillan

    First of all, we don’t really get to see everything Carmen does on a daily basis….I know for sure we don’t sign her pay check!….Since Kandi pays her and keeps her around….Let it be!!!…We all know Kandi will tell her off whenever need be…KANDI got this!

  • Latricia Hauer

    I had to record Sunday’s show, just got a chance to watch it. I applaud Kandi daughter for speaking up. She was very respectful in doing so. And she is right, her mother’s assistants don’t do nothing. They are very unprofessional, they are right out rude. I like Todd’s assistant, he gets his job and does it well. He may get on your nerve a little, but he has good intentions.

  • Tia

    I’m not taking up for her assistants but the plot of the show is not about them but about Kandi and her family, so we may not see what they do on a daily basis!!

    • ac

      Well on this show she did nothing your job as an assistant never stops lol

  • ac

    I agree Matthew was doing his thing lol #dangthatboygood

  • shaana woodard

    A good assistant would have coordinated with Mattew prior o the trip. Kandi only has backbone when it comes to her money. Matthew should be hired to assist both Kandi and Todd. What kind of person allows staff to disrespect their family members, it just unacceptable.

  • Shawna

    I think Riley finally just got embarrassed of how those two were acting as much as anything else.

  • Vicki

    Kandi needs to clearly separate business & family relationship lanes. Too much interference with both sides with Kandi right in the middle. Kandi needs to redefine what her expectations are and quit allowing other people to reconcile issues and fight her battles. Riley is a kid and should not have been put in that position to protect another adult. Carmon was wrong to constantly pick at Matthew, who is clearly trying to validate himself and solidify his position. Praying for you, Kandi to take more control of your brand and your role in your family. You have orchestrated these issues and perpetuated them even further because you are not taking ownership for your part of the issues. I’m disappointed in you so far in how you are handling these dynamics. Quit playing the helpless victim and resolve these issues. You clearly have the skills and talent to do so. Are you just doing this for good TV drama & ratings? If so? Job well done, so far…

  • Ah-Day-La Mahoney

    Kandi is ultimately responsible for the performance of her employees. Personnel labor laws pretty much dictates “these types of conversations” with employees regarding performance should be done behind closed doors with no one else involved.

    NO Mama Joyce should have NOTHING to say about Kandi & her business….Kandi’s business…not Mama Joyce’s. AND Todd appears to have proved himself loyal, worthy & not deservant of the “crapola” he has taken for years.

    Bless You Todd, Kandi & Your Children. Much Aloha for Mama Joyce. She out to research a wee bit of “Aloha”…she might find herself a bit more focused, content, & accepting of all others…stay in Your own lane, so to speak.

    Tutu D from Maui with Much Loving Aloha

  • gigi

    riley is right…. bye carmon and hello mathew

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