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RHOA Sneak Preview: Apollo Confronts Kenya

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Still trying to please her mother, Kandi decides to buy her a new house down the street, but Mama Joyce is up to her old tricks. Meanwhile, Apollo shows up to Ayden’s dentist appointment, which catches Phaedra off guard as the extreme tension between her and Apollo continues. It’s opening night for NeNe in Vegas, and the nerves are starting to kick in. Meanwhile, Cynthia celebrates her new-found sexiness with a fabulous party, purposely leaving some of the ladies off the guest list. While the party is in full swing, Apollo shows up and drops a bomb that leaves everyone but Kenya in disbelief.


Watch the sneak preview below!

  • Shun Gamble

    I dont disagree with buying your mom a house. But why down the street? I think that Kandi likes for her mom to continue to stay in her business. And one day that’s going to cost her her marriage. Just my thoughts.

    • Babbz

      Your thoughts are on point.

    • AutumnCBreeze

      I will never understand Kandi. I love my mom too but knowing how she feel about my marriage there is no way I’d be buying her a home that close to me. It’s time to cut the apron string, I’m just saying

      • Lenora Stephens

        Iam with you on that as well

    • Brenda Baker

      I agree!

    • abz

      yeah your right like why would you want your mum five min away from you especially when she into your business do fucking much? mmmm that wired but when you think about it yeah maybe she does want her mumt o be in her business maybe…/… just my thought. not hating just my opinion.

    • Mrs.T. DeLaughter

      I agree she will be single again. As long as her mom has a say so.

    • Sylvester

      I agree, I just think Kandi is buying her mothers love. Mama Joyce will never be happy until she has Kandi to herself ir sownd every cent she has. She will not stop until she breaks up her marriage. It is so sad when a mother see that her child is happy with her mate, but will stop at nothing to destroy that. And she calls this love. With the love that mama J has I surely don’t need nor will I tolerate.

  • Sylvia Crenshaw

    Kandi’s money and business

  • Raven

    That’s it!? That wasn’t even a sneak preview, that was just a sneak!

  • Keisha Randolph

    Kenya if Apollo is sneaky you are as well, are you that dispirit for a Man that you would go and lay down with some one else’s Husband?

    • Dliteful1


      • Carolyn Catrice Douglas


      • tonu

        Lmbooooooo I’m weak!!!!

    • Trish

      Where is the proof that they slept together?

      • Mrs.T. DeLaughter

        Trish body talks, At the reunion show do you recall how quiet!! Loud mouth Kenya got when Apollo spoke to her. That spoke volumes. Keep it 100% if you’re not Guilty. When he told her or please you’ll put money on my books. I would have said yo mama will not me. She just sat there. REALLY!! Something has happened.

        • QtisQt

          Why respond to nonsense, I would have looked at his ass like he was a fool too. Fadra should have checked his ass!

          • Kimberly Avon

            Thank you… I don’t acknowledge dumb shi… either. Especially when I know the truth. When dudes get load they are trying to convince you. Men feel the louder you get when you are mad the more people will believe. If you don’t believe me try it on your man, or son… a male. Accuse them of something you know they did but they don’t know you know. Watch how load he gets.

    • Sylvester7355

      If you would do a little research then you would know that Apollo has been lying all along. If it were me I would want my named cleared as well. With all this technology we are willing to believe what television choose to show us. Jenya was in LA, but Apollo was on the east coast at that time. Stop believing everything tv shows you. Should she have responded to his text-no. But that is all she is guilty of.#Letitgo

      • Kimberly Avon

        Thank you… there are still some people who seek out the truth. #intelligencelives

      • Loretta

        I agree. Apollo was playing Phadra like a old violin. What man would tell his wife what another woman wants to do to him, If he wasn’t trying to hurt her???? That’s that old prison mentality. (treat her bad, and make her like it ) Phadra won in the end. I would have never went with him with to court. Remember how he said he makes it rain in the Strip Club…..(It’s My Money) well they are ” sagging” where you’er going, …make it rain. LOL

    • Kimberly Avon

      She did not sleep with him… he lied.


    Why can’t some of you GET IT? It soooo ignorant for some people to still think Kenya and Apollo ever had “sex”. It all goes to prove how some of you obsession for her have turned into hatred. Leave her the “F” alone! You know who you are and I’m talking to you!

    • Denise Smith Venable

      I give less than a shit about Kenya, she is asneaky, old ass womn who won Ms America or whtever backin the day, and seems to think she is something special, she need to go and try to find Walter!


        Ycalm down…, you seem to be upset. Did anything I said rubbed you wrongly? Kenya’s going nowhere and no one can take that title from her whether she deserved it or not.
        I don’t know how old you are, but not until you have no older person in your house, please quit talking about age because it’s ignorant!

        • Helene Zazz Bailey Barnes

          Who erroneously told you talking about age is ignorant? Everybody knows Kenya was a mistake for this show. The only reason she is still there is because she is shitty. Yes, I think she and Appllo had sex and now that he knows Phaedra will divorce him he will tell the truth. Kenta lies too much about her love life. She has not had anyone since Walter. If she had she would have showed him off quickly. Even Walter did not want her. When they were.on the trip she complained that she offered herself to him and he refused.

          • Kimberly Avon

            “Everybody”??? like who… People actually request her back and she is not even a “Housewife”. They will never take her off as long as people tune in… in hopes they can see some real dirt. But she won’t give them any. She will play nice with the producers to spread dirt to get a nice paycheck. Kenya finished school… she is no dummy. she like for people to think that. She will have her own show before the rest of them. Yall keep forgetting she is pageant trained. She is disciplined. she can run circles around them chicks. She knows how to make them step out of character and most of them do not possess the skill to resist it. #maturity

      • Mrs.T. DeLaughter


    • Shameka Green

      Everyone is intitled to their opinion about Kenya,, if they bark like a hoo, men treat them like one, she gave off strong signals, that she was attracted to Apollo, and did not mind showing it on and off tv, so stop fooling yourself, this is why, you don’t have threesomes with friends in the Same state you live in, cause they will double back, know phadrea looks stupid face, because she know they are fucking, I would not be surprise if KENYA was getting some of Apollo money, I’m just saying KENYA is RACHETTE

      • Alexis Luvnmybabies Barclay

        I agree 100%

      • QtisQt

        Do you know Kenya PERSONALLY or are you bashing your opinion off of scripted T.V. Lol, you MOFO crack me the fuck up….sooooo much to say about nothing you know shit about!!!!

    • Cepaz Mikdan

      Kandi your mum will never leave you and ll always tell you the truth. People have forgotten that Kandi is now her only child after the loss of her son. As she cant live with her because of Todd, she did the right thing getting her her own place. Near her, yes why not as the only child of the woman. Why must she be kept too far away when a good child must keep an eye on an aged parent. Civilisation is one thing keeping nosey mum a bay but have you all forgotten how long it took Todd before he signed the pru nutal papers? Common ya all. If you are not planning who knows you will tell a woman to bring the papers without calling in yr friends for advise. Open yr eyes women and leave Kandi alone. I just wish her well. I sometimes wonder why women cant do without a man. I wish we can all see the future!

  • kmba

    I think Kandi’s Mom is one who is taking advantage of her daughter.

    • Brenda Baker

      Kandi should leave her mom where she is! I thought mama Joyce said she doesn’t spend Kandi’s money! If you have a child they don’t owe you anythink but respect! Mama Joyce is always in Kandi’s pockets!

      • Kathy

        Mama Joyce is the only one digging in kandy pocket she’s going to loose todd, mama Joyce will make sure , your kids don’t owe you money the rest of their life .mama Joyce is evil and sneaky.

      • Veronica Woolford

        My Mother is gone now, and I would be like Kandi, no man before my Momma. Momma Joyce takes advantage of Kandi but also like Kandi I could never have checked my Momma. But love and respect her as I did…I would not have brought her a house down the block. Lol..But my Momma was nothing like Momma Joyce. That ole lady is over the top.

        • Brenda Baker

          When you get married your spouse comes first then your parents! Kandi tells her mother too much! Kandi does not need her mother’s approval on everything she does!

          • Helene Zazz Bailey Barnes

            That’s what The Holy Bible says.

          • Brenda Baker

            I agree Kandi needs to read that !!!

        • Shameka Crayton

          My mm on is gone also I miss her dearly . I wished that she was here but if she didn’t like my husband she wouldn’t be that close to were I live I would have still brought her a house this.

        • Beaudah

          Veronica, I never sassed or disrespected my Mom but if she had treated my husband like Joyce treats Todd and his family, I would have sit down with her and talked sweet (like I always did) and told her she couldn’t do that because she was hurting me.I understand how you feel completely. I would have hurt someone about my Mom but she went to be with the lord Dec 4,2006 and it still hurts just as bad as the day she passed. May God Bless You.

    • lexsie

      I agree, I’m all for looking out for mom but she just doing too much…. I think Todd needs to watch his mouth though,cause at the end of the day That’s still Kandi’s mother and his elder.

  • janicesblessed

    She already gave her the old house she first had, Kandi just want her mother close to her, but she should consider how her husband my feel…but one thing for certain her husband is fine and it’s a lot her women who would love to have him…..

  • Ramona

    UMMM…How much money did she offer to put on his books for that lie?

  • Mrs.T. DeLaughter

    Mama Joyce needs a life, with no disrespect, my mom lives with me and my husband now at an older age but her and my husband are best buds, shop together, she has never gotten in our business and like my mom said as a child I was not allowed in her business as a woman I handle my own business, but if and only if I need her she’s here for me. We may not always make the right choices to our parents but when did we ever unless you do things exactly as they want. I understand respect but mama joyce crossed to many lines. I pray Todd can take it or looks like Kandi will be single again.

  • shay mythnney

    Kenya why you still starting things? Don’t be shock if Apollo jump on you next!!!!!!!

  • Van Sledge

    Please Kandi I’ v always like you even when you were at Events before RHOA, you and I have spoken, BUT if you want a good man and believe you have one as Todd believes that he has a good women but we need to know when to keep people out of my House Business, the saying goes “WHAT GOES ON IN OUR HOUSE STAYS IN OUR HOUSE”

  • disqus_JIBTXrMV2M

    I think that once man and woman have become one, mommies/daddies, anyone that is not involved in/on the marriage license should step back. Like forever.
    This mama needs to buy her own house;
    in another state;
    another country;
    somewhere where man/wife r not.
    N down the street is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY TO CLOSE!

  • Beaudah

    Mama JOyce said that Todd is an opportunist what is she???? I loved my Mom better than life but my Mom would have never talked about my husband like Joyce does. Kandi will lose Todd just because of her Mom. The bible says that when you marry, you put God first, then the spouse,your children and then the parents. when you let your parent talk about your husband like Joyce does then you should be ashamed. Women with good husbands don’t know how blessed they are. I had two and one was an alcoholic and the other ran around with several women.

  • myzz thickness

    Am not against kandi buying her mom a house but not DAT close….

  • myzz thickness

    Save ur marriage….

  • theonenonly

    Mama Joyce just needs a MAN!!! IF she find one then she won’t have time for kandi and her man… IJS

  • glory

    He mother is a pain in the butt. She’s trying to break up kandi marriage and she will bc kandi is allowing her to stay in her business between her and her husband. If she wanted to continue to be mama’s little girl why did she get married no man in his right mind is going to continue with the crap love or no love and Joyce ( we are the same age so she’s not mama Joyce to me) knows that but she doesn’t care. Joyce is selfish and she loves being in the spot light. She’s not going to stop until she destroy kandi s marriage. Sure buy her a house far away. We as parents need to stay out of our children s business until we are asked in let grown up.

  • Crazy1

    Kandi gone lose her man for her mama than what. Mama Joyce see dollar signs. She would’ve got the house she gave her the 1st time if it were me. Yeah your mama gave u life & took care of u but that’s what she’s suppose to do. Mama Joyce doing to much an she ain’t gone be happy until it’s just her an landing, cause pretty soon Todd gone say man fuck this shot. He need to say it now!

  • cynthia334

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