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RHOA Reunion Part 3 First Look

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Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker discuss their marriage, NeNe Leakes has a breakdown about her mother.

Don’t miss the dramatic conclusion of the #RHOA reunion next Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo.

  • trynabuysomeweed

    I thought Phaedra and Kenya squashed the beef. What happened since the last episode to now that has them at odds again?
    I agree with Kandi 1000%. Nene is the original snake in the grass and she be dealt with at a distance

    • Cousin Sigmund

      Phaedra squashing the beef between the two of them, didn’t mean a thing to FAKEDRA.

      • Veonka Mohedano

        FAKEDRA is so two face, she’s such a liar about everything, that’s not all of her hair, and Kandi did put her on alert and what Apollo was saying, but FAKEDRA act as if Kandi wasn’t calling her at all, now that it came out, FAKEDRA just sat there looking stupid, talking about she came to her breaking point, child please stop lying FAKEDRA! It’s just like Kandi told Brainless Prosha, you didn’t know because I don’t talk to anyone what’s between FAKEDRA and I, and Brainless Prosha should just stay out of it period, and she’s a liar also, because she’s lying about going with a married man, and when people sees her she says something stupid like if he’s a Prince oh I can be a princess

      • trynabuysomeweed

        Lmao well said

      • shasha

        Cousin Sigmund I think you have too much to say…go find something more constructive to do..

        • Cousin Sigmund

          I’m only using my freedom of speech rights, however, I am careful of what I say. If anyone would call someone a Kenyamorewhore, Kenya should’ve played the dozen game from way back. I wonder what Fakedra would do about that? Probably, try to sting her with one of those laser things–

        • Cousin Sigmund

          Shasha, constructive criticism is what I’ll do–I will encourage everyone to improve and do better, stop hurting someone’s self esteem. No way! The show would become boring!

      • Bonnie Lawson

        Kenyamorewhore is just as fake as Phaedra, more so. Hell, everything on her body is fake including that lope sided ass. Everything out of mouth is a lie aimed at hurting people. This season she managed to get those other fools just where she wanted them, thinking this was going to put her in the queen bee spot, but it didn’t work , Nene still holds that title and Bravo knows it, why would they offer her a million and half dollars to stay on the show. What did Kenyamorewhore get, I’ll wait. She is jealous as hell snd envious as hell, everything that one of the others come up with, she follows behind doing the same things; exercise video, movie/play, goinging on millionaire matchmaker, and the apprentice. Nothing but a copycat, bye girl.

  • Denise Alexander Robinson

    NeNe just want people to feel sorry for her..She has said so many fowl things since this show has started…now it has caught up with her….and she can’t handle it..She never thought the day would come that she would be treated like an outcast..The day has finally arrive….Poor NeNe…lol Now she shedding tears wanting the cast to feel sorry for her..well I’m not falling for it…lol Poor, Poor NeNe…lol

    • meg

      I knew she had some underlying issues or insecurities. She talks at people over people and is very insensitive. I am sure she built a wall to ensure no one gets to her hurting zone. Finally the wall has cracked and her real self is coming out. Instead of bullying, intimidating and disrespecting her friends including the host is mean spirited. She might have had her false confidence intact for a minute. But it’s going to need a lot of fixing. Who is a confident, successful person. That cannot stand criticism and corrections? One more thing, the girls shouldn’t be nenying her every time because that makes her ego to rise. Let everyone be herself and strong. She is crumbling. I see her leaving the show already out of frustration and embarrassments. Stop the bullying “Felicia” (Nenay)

    • Cousin Sigmund

      NeNe, take a look at where you’ve been and where you are now. Give thanks for everything to God. The past is the past. Girl wipe your weeping eyes. My Mother died when I was 2 years old. My Father gave all of my 7 Siblings away (including me) to family members. Looking back he should have married again and kept all of us together. My Uncle and my Mother’s sister raised me and paid for my college education. Cry your last tear over the PAST TODAY!

    • DSham

      The other women are guilty of the same!! Please!! That’s why ten seconds later they beg to be her friend. Jealousy is what’s really going on because all of the women have money just like Nene except for Cynthia and it looks like Claudia but anyway they are mad because she gets paid the most period!

  • Sonya

    Everybody’s a therapist!

    • melly

      Naw u just blind to the fact that nene is nasty and morally poor

      • Crolyn

        sweetie you need to go find something to do, all of them is acting please!!!!

  • Veonka Mohedano

    NENE LEAKS ARE LOOKING FOR PITY! On watch what happens live she was still
    “# NASTY” when Andy ask her if she was going to donate the money. She came up with a stupid reason as to why, stating “you aren’t supposed to post or boast about what you give to charity”. The fundamental question is, I have seen so many people who have donate to charity, and it’s displayed on television, so that’s incorrect! Besides, she challenge Kenya, and Kenya needed proof that she did what she said that she was going to do. Chicago Schools needs help right now, and if she was a halfway decent human being, she’ll give the monies that she said she would give! Now, when she was on WHL, she was still #NASTY, when asked about do she plans on giving the money, she said that she will not be bullied, but she was the one who placed the bet on the table, isn’t that showing off? Now, when Kenya took her upon it, and did what she said she would, now NENE wants to say that you don’t donate in the public eye, but behind the scenes of it? WOW, she was the one who put it on the table in the public eye, but I guess she thought that Kenya couldn’t come up with the money, and she thought that she would shame Kenya! NENE is as #”LOW DOWN” of a human being that one can be, and the NO BRAINER Prosha is also!

  • Stephanie Keita

    Nene got issues she need seek counseling be open deal with problem now.Anybody with a big mouth should be able handle small talk.She only get back bs what she put out.She kills me acting all high&mighty can’t take constructive criticism.Only a Insecure person that values herself more than others act that way,Clear she is wounded by her own demons.Make it right,humble thy-self God will give u peace of mind.

    • Veonka Mohedano

      AMEN Stephanie, Amen!

    • Pauline Hardy

      Never subject anyone. NENE has had a ruff life that’s why she acts the way she does to cover up her child hood problems. Her mother did not raise her, her father never claimed her. Basically seems like she raised herself. I feel sorrow for her. She has covered all this up all her life. Angry with anyone who try to understand her. Now she is at a breaking point, and will need help to deal with her problems. NENE is a very nice young lady, she just need help. I will pray for her. LOVE LOVE LOVE


  • Liquid Diamond

    Oh,pls! The entire cast has issues. It’s not just Nene. foh

  • Bonnie Lawson

    Anytime you bring a parent into a situation that was not good or absent entirely from the child, its painful to discuss or talk about, don’t care who the person is. Just because Nene talks alot and stand up for herself doesn’t mean she can’t hurt about her parent as anyone would. Hell Kenya can give lip, but she cries when talking about her mother. So Nene breaking down is understandable. The real fact is that Dr Jeff had no business bring this information up in the setting that they were in. This information had nothing to do with the reunion, Nene had talked about her mothet and not knowing who her real father was in season 1 & 2 of the show, no big secret. So eh a t was the purpose of him bring it up now.

  • Sophie Clark

    NeNe is the alpha of the Atlanta RH…She gets out there and hustles. She has talents that the rest of them can only wish they had. Kandi is talented, no doubt, but when she turned her attention to the play last season, she began a downward spiral. Selling sex toys is disgraceful.

  • Saoirse Churchwood

    NeNe is OTT, bad acting,low rent and fake drama Queen.The sight of the kuddling krewe Phaedra,Porsha&Cynthia surrounding NeNe as she swept out shedding those crocodile tears was a joke… even Kenya got sucked in to becoming a NeNe toady. The only 2 women with common sense,integrity and dignity on RHOA are Kandi and Claudia.

  • TheMRS

    I dont blame Kandi for not JUMPING up and RUNNING behind NeNe. Guess what everyone has been through things some more than others but at what point does it make it ok for you to mistreat others? NeNe threw a little shade about Kenya’s mom situation and Kandi’s brother but turned around and wanted sympathy. I do like NeNe but I must admit she is mean and rude and broke down because it was pointed out that she was nasty with Dr. Jeff before the session even started. Some of the housewives kiss her butt. I really like Kandi because she keeps it 100, not messy and stands her own. Phaedra is wrong for how she tried to play as if Kandi wasn’t there for her and kept lying saying she was not talking about Kandi to NeNe and Porscha when she was we all saw it. Kandi had her own issues as well within her marriage, having to fire people who quit their jobs to work for her, etc. Phaedra was being a hypocrite because she was not supportive…

  • Elvarlopez

    Next Day Your Success Day kkaann