Real Housewives Of Atlanta

#RHOA Reunion: Part 2 Sneak Peek

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Kandi breaks down about Phaedra, while Kenya comes for NeNe. Watch the exclusive sneak peek for Part 2 of the #RHOA Reunion.

Tune in this Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo.

  • Nay

    I Can’t believe how much Cynthia has changed!!! She was once Classy and positive! Now she’sTrashy, loud, backstabbing and two-faced!!!! I have NO respect for her at all!!!

    • mslishacreatiobs

      Cynthia needs a storyline

  • Jameson Norment

    Hate is such a evil word but im goin to use right now. I HATE KENYA.. SHE AIN’T NOTHING BUT A FUCKIN HO. Phaedre Parks I love u to deaf. Everytime kenya touched my husband i would have beat that ass. She has no respect for herself that is y she was all over ur husband. She didn’t fuck with the other ladies husband. She is out for yours.What she say, She had a crush on your husband. U don’t say that shit. She may be goin to see your husband in jail, cause she showed us who she wanted.I think she did suck his dick. Damn bitch. If the tables were turned and u did the same thing to her husband she couldn’t take it.The bitch ain’t even close to being married so why they have hot pussy on the show? I ain’t taken nothing back. Mrs. Kandi. i couldn’t find Phaedre’s broad could u make sure she gets this post? Thank u so much.

    • mslishacreatiobs

      Good ridden child, u put the I icing on the CAKE!

  • Bettyvknowlton

    Get It Now. a-n-d-o-n-l-i-n

  • Elvarlopez

    Next Day Your Success Day kkaann