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RHOA Preview: All Tea All Shade

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The disconnect between Phaedra and Apollo continues to grow wider after Apollo’s heartfelt apology to Kenya. Meanwhile, Kandi becomes the bearer of bad news when she decides to tell Phaedra that Kenya is not who they mistakenly thought she was.


New Atlanta radio personality Claudia prepares for her new life down South with the help of her bff Kenya, who shows her how things are done in the ATL. NeNe returns to Atlanta after headlining her Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas, and lands right in the middle of all the secrets and lies.

Kandi and Todd’s “pillow talk” turns cold when her excitement to begin the baby making process is met by Todd’s second thoughts. After not receiving an invite to Cynthia’s Ebony Event, Porsha’s suspicion that Cynthia is upset with her is confirmed, when they meet-up and things quickly turn sour.

Watch a sneak peak from the next all-new RHOA below!

  • Knowledge Goddess

    Did y’all apologize to Kenya yet? ALL of y’all? Give us the real tea Kandi. I know that you have a confidentially agreement, so post a gif and blink once if yes and two for no. Lol

    • chocolat

      No one owes Kenya an apology. She was very inappropriate in the beginning with Apollo, on several accounts, which made anything about her believable. Both of them were snakes anyway. That was my opinion from the beginning and it remains the same.

      • Carmen Perez-De La Matta

        If you don’t want others to talk dirt about you, behave! She wanted to be the innocent one when they were playing like teenagers plus texting. She has agreed on this but she don’t take responsibility.

      • Thomas sanders

        STFU move on depressed ass!

    • trynabuysomeweed

      The whole world hate Kenya because of this, and just like all the housewives are going to do, the world is going to justify everything with some more warped ass logic. I have always liked Kenya, and always will. But the world won’t see it like I do

      • lolo2

        I like Kenya too…shes pretty naturally n people hate her for it…I grew up like that…so maybe they can learn to love her like God asks us to….Apollo did things because he disrespected Phaedra and caused jealousy in their marriage…

  • Guest

    it is nice to see watch phaedra parks play with her two kids in family pool at home. ayden parks dylan parks looked like they were having funtimes with mother at home.

  • candacedunn


  • 38SPL

    I don’t feel like they owe Kenya an apology. Regardless of what Apollo said. they all saw her behave like a whore when she flirted with a married man. The end.

    • Bernice Denise Bruno

      Look at Nene prancing around in underware / lingerie infront of everyones man. That was flirting ….after all .. she does what she did best as a stripper.. working her body in front of men …

      • Trish

        Also, Nene flirted with Peter and no one called her a whore….oh I forgot they are afraid of the big bad wolf!!! I’m just glad that he finally told the truth. It’s apparent that he and Phaedra had problems other than Kenya, but it was easy to put the blame on her. Phaedra knows here husband and apparently it must be a trend for him to flirt with other women and disrespect his wife.

    • Okambi

      Kandi , I am such a fan of yours I have a lot of your music and I have ” A Mothers Love package. I am so glad to know that you don’t feel that Kenya deserves an apology. I was beginning to wonder if you were going to betray Phaedra and become best friends with Kenya just as that Flip Flopper Cynthia has done. I think the apology was scripted, (more “Bravo” induced than anything) If he had lied on her she would not have still been in his face every chance she got. I think that he is lying to hurt Phaedra and to ensure that Kenya becomes his closer friends so that she will put money on his books.The whole night was spent by Bravo trying to Vindicate Kenya. Kenya will never be vindicated because she has made it known that she wants Apollo. Remember Donald Triumph has called her the most Vile person he has ever known

  • Tb

    Told you all not to mess with cynthia. Girl is messy as hell

  • GatorGurl40

    What? What was Cynthia trying to say? she got that all backwards, did anyone else catch that? hahaha. Not sure if Kenya deserves a full apology, she did PUSH it to make it look like she wanted Apollo. She acted like a skank, now she crying wolf.

    • Le Shelly ThisisMe Jackson

      I caught that

    • Alexis Luvnmybabies Barclay

      I caught that.

    • Carmen Perez-De La Matta

      I agree 100 percent.

    • trynabuysomeweed

      It works that way too though, in a more threatening way

  • Verna

    Yeah right, quit acting like you know Cynthia! And porscha is dumber then a bag of hammers! You his comment is directed as one of you. Just by your comment, you should know who you are T,thunder B,itch.. I know you’re too stupid to pick up on my subtle hint, as to who this is directed at!

    • Kimberley44

      Cynthia is very two faced.. keep watching

  • Mbmbmn

    Kandi how do you feel about Cynthia oh by the way I love you Ima big fan

    • wash80

      I feel for them all as beautiful black successful women….keeping them all in my prayer. Can’t help who you love…keep ya’ head up phadrea…you ain’t the first women to fall victim to a no good man boo…Personally, I love you all….shout out to the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF THE ATL…I’m out! Nite

  • phatguh

    Kenya Moore still was at Apollo.. #justthristy

    • Kimberly Avon

      she was not… just like women to blame a dude for a man’s short comings. I have seen the men Kenya has dated… Google them and they are far from Apollos.
      People hate to admit when they are wrong. And the only reason he wants to divorce Phaedra and apologized to Kenya is because he wants some new conjugal visit tail. Trust and believe do not be surprised when he tries to contact her. And she is going to dis him. All this situation proves is even the most well-to-do women, educated with the best degrees can still fall victim to gangsta ratchet dudes. Phaedra you got played a dude you knew was a hot mess so now you make Kenya look like a Rhodes Scholar. #sad #burriedyaself

  • Verna

    Auto correct screwed up my comment so, here it is again. Don’t act like you know Cynthia personally! She is not a hot mess. And porscha is dumber then a bag of hammers! This comment is directed at one person in particular, T,hunder B,itch! But you also, are probably too stupid to pick up on my subtle hint…

  • LaNeka TheOneandonly

    Damn Kandi you goin in on everybody lmmfao. I hate it when all of you are fighting but I enjoy when the viewer get to see y’all clownin and having fun…wishing you continued success and a blessed marriage.

  • Takeia Patterson

    Cynthia is soooooo fake!!!

  • Takeia Patterson

    you just don’t stop being friends cause of the bxxxx word…. she probably mad cause Peter and nene had relations when nene divorced Greg… I will respect Cynthia more if she said the real… BUT she wants the world to think her and Peter are the perfect couple… she better watch Peter black butt he gone have her bankruptcy soon

  • Jessie Davenport

    I said Kenya was a train wreck waiting to happen and I still think that. I am sorry about how Apollo treated her but she did put herself in that position……..

  • dddd

    who pick Cynthia clots out in the am she looks like a dork

  • Deborah Allen

    The apology wasn’t much of an with both of them stopping each other from saying they didn’t want to talk about certain things.

  • Natasha Echols

    Did I just hear that Cindy said
    ” You keep my name out your mouth, I’ll keep my name out your mouth. ” lmbo

  • Thomas sanders

    You can’t be called to many hoes and bitches, I would’ve stabbed phae Phae in the neck.

  • carjo

    did any one else notice Cynthia said u keep your name out my mouth I’ll keep my name out your mouth. I get what she was saying but it came out wrong. Also is the guy in the glasses the only attorney in Atlanta.

  • starr

    And of course the Sh*t starter couldn’t wait to go to phadra….Kandi is like a bad refrigerator, can’t hold nothing

  • lynchmoblamb

    Kandi, I absolutely adored the blue bag and shoe you wore on 11/24/14 episode of RHOA. Can you please tell me where you found those items?

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