Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Porsha Williams Claims Kandi Burruss Wanted to Drug Her

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Tonight on an all-new Real Housewives of Atlanta, the tea over-floweth when Kandi relays Porsha’s accusations to Cynthia, Shereé, Kenya, and Shamea, all while Porsha spills the details to her sister.


Kenya gets a surprise visit from her brother and his kids that helps her realize she needs to make a decision about her relationship with Matt once and for all.

Kandi and Todd plan a couples’ getaway to Maui for all the ladies. Phaedra treats Porsha to a day of beauty treatments in order to convince her to attend as her guest.

Tensions erupt when Shereé’s attempt to lei it all out on the table backfires and Porsha finally pushes Kandi past her limit.

Don’t miss #RHOA tonight at 8/7c only on Bravo.

  • Towanna Latrise Lindsey

    Porsha Williams i liked you but you have went to far with that. Ruin someone with petty. Watch what you say.

    • GEMINI521

      Yeah use to like this dingbat too but now she’s wayyy over the top being petty! O but they’re going to miss Kandi and beg her for VIP tickets when she goes on tour..

      • Tonja Lowe

        NOOOOOO dont tell me youre leaving RHOA 1st NENE now YOU its a wrap for me the rest are petty bettys {I like Cynthia}. Anyways we were really wainting on a spinoff for you with the OLG and family WE believe that it will be a Great Success…..hint..hint…praying on that road of success for you and the family we loved your ski trip

      • Baby Tiki

        Please don’t leave

      • SWMloveChocklate

        Bravo is hinting that she should leave with the return of NeNe and Kim.

    • cutetay7

      Someone told her that kandi wanted to drug her she didnt say that it happened

  • Tonja Lowe

    now Kandi you know or should know that porsha ain’t got nooooo storyline! she need you more than you even know and you do need to pursue it legally and let her know that you’re not the game she want to play because she dont have no chance of winning then choke that BITCH out

    • SWMloveChocklate

      Kandi doesn’t have any class. She had a rotten teacher for a Mother.

  • Tonja Lowe

    and by the way l cant wait for XSCAPE girl you are BLESSED and HIGHLY FAVORED! and stay away from Phaedra too her toungue is a two edge sword shes only loyal to herself and she acts as though that particular conversation was a table conversation already had and her hands are not clean

  • Judith Lewis

    Question: does anyone remember Phaedra calling Kandi and Hazel on the camping trip; undercover lovers when they were on their way back to the lodge after sleeping in the woods.

  • bigmomma king

    Phaedra, Trying to look so innocent! She doesn’t want no body to mention that she is the one with the alleged sex dungeon!

  • Denise Kouao

    All this is what Kandi mom was trying to keep her out of, even thou she had a freak title it still was all good, but than when she got with Todd she went from a freak to just trash. Sometimes momma is not always wrong, mothers can see things in a person when an individual is just thinking with private parts. She had to have Todd, she got him now deal with all that comes with him and own up to it like you have been doing. I don’t believe Porsha is lying on Kandi, I think some things Kandi don’t want to come out because she has a teenage daughter and don’t want her friends talking garbage to her daughter. The problem with dealing with trash like Todd is what goes on in the dark always come out in the light, and somethings just can’t be hid. To me all of you on these reality shows is a bunch of nut cases.

    • Janice Tennyson

      I don”t believe Porsha is lying about everything! Kandi is fighting mad bcuz Porsha exposed her secrets!

      • lucille.deckert

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  • Emily

    Bravo is really making them look stupid has black women.

    • mary.mitchell

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    • Joseph Wagner

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  • Bridget Murphy

    After learning what Bob did to Sheree my heart goes out to her! How can you call yourself a man and choke her and you are 100 times her size! You should be thanking God that someone like Sheree wanted your Sweaty, big blubber, woman abuser ass👎💩😈😠

  • Sonya

    Kandi your within your rights to sue porsha!

    • SWMloveChocklate

      Kandi started this whole mess when she exposed Porsha and Baby’s daddy sex life on camera and the whole kissing issue, as well. Even Peter said if the same situation happened with him and Cynthia the three of them would be having sex that night. Kandi has gay proclivities. ..why didn’t she do it? Maybe she knew Porsha was drunk. Or maybe something else???? Kandi needs to stop acting ghetto. She should learn to keep her mouth shut on certain things. Kandi got what she asked for and deserves.

      • Sonya

        All fake news my dear who goes on a holiday with their predator. That tells you all you need to know that porsha made the whole thing up. I hope kandi takes her for everything she gets. . If it’s true why isn’t porsha reporting this to the police think about .

        • SWMloveChocklate

          I’m not saying Porsha is not damaged…we all are to some extent. The kissing incident happened three years ago.after her divorce. Which was tramatic for her. She was going through some real shit in front of a camera for all to see. That’s why Kandi did not take her up on her offer at the club…because I’m sure she and Todd wanted to.

      • Tonja Lowe

        Mando did not say porsha slept with her baby daddy sheree said that she merely stated that porsha use to date block until her shrewd and porsha sat down for lunch. Besides Sheree is the messy one relaying msgs with a whole lot of shade added

        • SWMloveChocklate

          No…Kandi intimated it at the tasting.

    • Just me Meme

      To defame someone, journalists do not have to make up false things themselves. You can defame a person by repeating words spoken by someone else, for example an interviewee. It is no defence to claim that you were only quoting someone else. If you write something defamatory, you could be taken to court, along with your editor, your publisher and printer or your broadcasting authority, the person who said the words in the first place … even the newspaper seller.
      This is exactly what Porsha is doing however let’s not forget that Phaedra actually started this when she thought the cameras were’t rolling and they were. Kandi needs to hand Porsha a “Cease and Desist” at the reunion. And then see what Porsha has to say or not say from that point on.
      Nobody has to like Kandi but it is wrong to go around trying to put lies out there on somebody all because you are mad that she brought up to Phaedra about her talking to someone before Apollo went to prison.

  • Katherine Harlston

    Porsha needs to plug it up !

  • Judith Lewis

    If I am wrong, God please forgive me. Here goes: Remember when Moma Joyce was making up all those lies on Todd’s mother? Well, u reap what u sow. Things u do not always come back to u; it hits your children. I feel what Moma Joyce put Todd’s mother through, she is getting it back through her child. I tell ppl all the time, u have children, please be careful how u treat ppl and what comes out of your mouth against ppl, no matter how u feel about them. Moma Joyce said some nasty things about that lady for no reason at all. Just like Porsha: it came from the street or somebody said. Different content, same scenario. MJ called that women a prostitute on nationwide TV. Said Todd daddy was a pimp. Porsha called Kandi a lesbian, an adulteress, rapist, etc. on nationwide TV and it does not feel good. Now they both know how his mom felt. It is sad. When ppl wrong you, pray for MINE, in some situations sue them and move on for God said VENGEANCE IS MINE.

    • SWMloveChocklate

      That was AWFUL the way MJ treated Todd’s mother. Retribution is a bitch. I’m sure that Porsha wasn’t aware of what she was doing she was hurt from what Kandi exposed.