Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Phaedra Brings Kandi to Tears

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In this exclusive preview, Kandi Burruss confronts Phaedra Parks about their friendship.

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  • John

    I feel as though Phaedra is being inconsiderate of Kandi and is basically telling her to forget her feelings I need you to be more concern about me! As a friend it works both ways if you feel like that person is lacking in some area you go directly to that person not someone else who can twist your story up and make you seem as if you have said something worser! Kandi shouldn’t haven’t to run to Phaedra rescue all the time like she is a grown lady herself! Sometimes people destroy great friendships when they become so self centered on themselves! I have a friend who I believe is self centered and I have spoken with that person personally because NOBODY knows your friendship like y’all! So Phaedra to you it was a huge lack of respect for your friendship as well as you sincerely should and need to apologize to Kandi because she has been your friend! Nene I love her to death but I don’t believe that she necessarily has any of y’all best interest at heart from what I seen on television! I’m just saying why would you run to NeNe Leakes to explain anything you look messy and that’s not how true friends do each other!

    • Rasheedah Tisdale-Muhammad

      I agree, Phaedra could have reached out to Kandi if she really needed her friend to talk to, however, Nene on the other hand think she can say what she want to every body and they suppose to just take it. I think she need counseling for herself to learn that she’s grown is hell and not no teenager that’s why she don’t have any friends now besides her puppet Greg she talking about Cynthia is a puppet to her husband what about Greg and his strings you control.

  • Rasheedah Tisdale-Muhammad

    Phaedra is full of it at the end of the day you didn’t reach out to Kandi either so two wrongs don’t make a right. However, you can be friends and don’t see each other every day. I think Phaedra just looking for sympathy, put your big girl draws on and stop playing the victim you knew what Apollo was about before you laid down with him if I’m not mistaken he just came home from jail then you and that Man Nene need to grow the Hell up.

  • MrsMommy

    TOO bad. Get it together, girls.

  • Anitra J ” The Diva”

    I am neutral on this. You are both dealing with some challenging situations. Perhaps you should not spend the energy on whose problem was the worse and who did not do what and just apologize to each other for not having each other’s back. Obviously it was not intentional. I say hash it out and try to move forward. Moving forward you all can lay down some ground rules on communication. Best wishes ladies!

  • maz

    Kandi I see your side and I also see phaedra side as well. You both are bff like she stated and obviously both of you feel some kind of way toward each other for not reaching out in the time of need. I myself as been in that position and know how it feel. You should never let another person full you in about what a close friend of yours saying as half the time it is not 100%facts. Obviously you have a family but I’m sure u can fit in girly time where it just the two of you go to the spa for a meal yo dinner shopping whatever and check up. Friendship need we time just like a family and marriage. Stay bless

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