Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Peter Thomas Confronts Porsha Williams

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What secrets could they possibly have left to reveal…LOL! I guess we’ll find out on this Sunday’s final RHOA of the season with the special “Secrets Revealed” episode.


Phaedra and Porsha explore the world of edible hotel decor, while Kenya looks into maximum security for Moore Manor.

Kandi’s baby mogul Ace has his first photo shoot for his baby product empire, while Noelle confronts Cynthia about how she handled the news of her divorce.

As Kairo heads off to college, Shereé gets ready for her book launch.

While Kenya and Cynthia try to persuade Phaedra to warm up to Kandi before their beef heats up to a full boil, Shereé and Porsha share a moment that sheds light on one of the biggest conflicts of the season.

Porsha and Peter finally get to the root of their longstanding feud with a shocking admission from Porsha.

  • Jeannette Edwards

    Love you Kandi!

  • bigmomma king

    Porsha is a liar too!

  • lisah higgins

    I have NEVER seen color in human beings throughout my life, UNTIL i started watching this show! ” SOME of the woman on this show their beliefs, behavior, actions & representation as a woman along with their perceptions & intentions behind ” BLACK LIVES MATTER” as opposed to my Beliefs that ALL LIVES MATTER, it TRULY SHATTERED my heart to learn with SOME of these women they are THE ONLY lives that matter!!

    • Jenny Ackerman

      I agree with you we all matter❤️

      • Rene’ Johnson Pittman

        I am so sick of people talking about all lives matter instead of ” Black lives matter”. Maybe they should change the name of the movement to ” Black lives matter too”.

      • Wendy Boyd

        Ugh …. troll

    • Kaya

      You do NOT see colour because YOUR colour puts you in a position of privilege. A position where you become BLIND to the injustices people of colour face. There is absolutely NO correlation between Black Lives Matter and RHOA, you just felt the need to mention a movement you don’t understand to validate your ignorant opinions towards race. Being colour blind will NOT eradicate the injustices people of colour face everyday in America. IF All lives matter THEN BLACK Lives MUST matter! You have to be on a different level of ignorance to actually not understand why there’s BLM, check statistics of black people being killed by the police everyday vs ALL the other lives you’re mentioning. If all lives matter why aren’t black lives mattering, why are black men and women being unlawfully assassinated day in and out by the police? This show has no relevance to whatever BS you’re spewing, this is ENTERTAINMENT and in no way linked to the BLM movement! There are many Caucasian only cast member shows who have a bunch of self centred women acting up. You don’t see anyone mentioning their race or any bigoted opinions covered up as “I don’t see colour”. In fact if “you’re colour blind” you’re actually part of the problem as you’re also blind to the injustices and the REALITY other people face everyday. It’ll be nice if came out of the racist closet you’re hiding in and air out your bigotry properly and stop using a bunch of millionaire black women to attack a movement which is really trying to change race related issues in America.

  • Vivian. Hargrove

    I will be so glad when all of them grow up. Phae Phae and all the rest.needs to put on their grown women panties and take a seat.

  • Roberta Hill

    Kandi i just love your style you’re straight Phaedra got what was coming to her

  • Judith Lewis

    Did Porsha lie on Peter to Cynthia about sleeping with 19 years girls? Or could she confess to sleeping with Apollo? We will see?

  • Rene’ Johnson Pittman

    Kandi is fake as f**k. Her and that little man of hers. Someone needs to teach her how to behave like a woman and control that ghetto mom of hers. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Her mom needs to be put in her place. She’s too old to be acting that way. As for Kenya, she needs to be medicated. Something is truly wrong with this woman. Always right and always coming for someone. They need to bring back Kim.

    • Unmentionables

      Are you daft????

      • Rene’ Johnson Pittman


  • Teia Carrington

    Omg…porsha needs.the boot too..chile please

    • Lashawnda Harris

      She sure does.

  • Lashawnda Harris

    Bye Phaedra and I had the nerves to be rooting for you and Kandi ( my girl) to work things out and Porsha you’re just mad because Cordel left your a** and you haven’t found anyone since.