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Order the hit stage play “A Mother’s Love,” executive produced by Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker, full length DVD and original cast recording CD. “A Mother’s Love” includes 18 original songs written by Kandi Burruss and features performances from Kandi, Eddie Levert, Shirley Murdock, D. Woods, Q. Parker, Porsha Williams and many more!

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Items are scheduled to be released April 8, 2014. Pre-orders will ship within 3 business days after release. Should release date change, for any item, you will be promptly notified. All sales final unless defective.

  • Tameka

    The play looks like it’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait to receive my order. Many blessings to you and your family as you begin a new chapter in you life!

  • Maxine Eason

    Kandi, I love your dedication and hard work,your truly an inspiration to many. Congratulations to you on your upcoming nuptials.Blessings to your family hope riley get a sibling or two very soon. Much love keep doing you. Keep god first and all will be well.

  • regina

    Kand I’ u keep it real and that’s what I like about u.. Just order play and CD..can’t wait.many blessing 2 u and your family.shout out from Record NC!

  • berry

    This gave me goosebumps

  • Daniel Teflon

    Omg I Just Pre-Ordered my Copy of The Play & Cd… I’m sure it will be divine to have!! Thanks for the REALISM you bring to The Housewives Of Atlanta!!

    • Tyrone Wright

      When will we receive the dvd and cd?

  • Yeyyee

    Currently down due to maintenance problems. I will check back later. 🙁

  • Chele Hilson

    Kandi you really need to take your play on the road!! Pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!

  • joy hutchinson

    Congratulations on your marriage. Are we going to see clips of the wedding on TV. Love the clips I saw from your Play, so true to life and some great acting by you and your cast members.



  • Tamika

    When are the DVD’S being send out. Is there a tracking number? I purchased the DVD, but after that i’m lost to when and how,
    will I know if my order is one the way. Please help Kandi

    • tye

      When does your play come out in stores.

  • Tyrone Wright

    Anybody know when the cd and dvd will be in the mail?

    • Rocky

      I’m trying to figure out the same thing. I ordered mines on Tuesday, and it still have not arrived.

      • Tyrone Wright

        Let me know if you find out something

        • Kandy Nathan

          In in Fl, ordered mines on the 8th and received it today.

      • Rosalyn

        I ordered mine on the 8th….haven’t received mine either… 🙁

  • DIanna THomas


  • kristina mcintosh

    Hello I pre-order the dvd and cd set. I have not received it. How long will it take. I would like a reply

    • Kandy Nathan

      I ordered mines on 48 and received it today.

      • Tamita Love Singletary

        really I ordered my combo on March 25and I have not received it yetI’m 2 seconds from disputed charges Ughhh

  • help

    Kandi, I pre-ordered the cd/dvd combo and was under the impression that I would received 2 days after the release date. Still have not received, any word on when this will be shipped? The money came directly out of my account.

  • Nakia Simmons

    I was so excited to pre order the cd/dvd combo. But I did that a little over a week ago and still have not received any information in regards to shipping! When can I expect it… I’m just a little impatient and am sooo anxious to see it!

  • Cass Martin

    I’m with everyone on the pre-order, when will I receive info? Has it shipped?

  • Leni80

    When is the play gonna come back to Atlanta?

  • Derrick Pointer

    I ordered March 27 and still haven’t got mine either. Do anyone know of a customer service number to call?

    • ellie0528

      If you find it please share

      • Ja’Cinta Herbert-Lard

        I been looking for it as well because my DVD doesn’t is missing some scenes

    • dukes1227

      I’d love to know how do you get to customer service

    • help

      Just got back from vacation looking a hot mess but I’m back to work! I got boxes of @JETmagazines to sign for everyone that mailed me their copies with their self addressed envelopes. Thank you for being so patient! With the wedding & everything that’s been happening for the last few weeks I got behind but I’m back on it & will get everything back to you ASAP! Also everyone who ordered ‪#‎amotherslove‬ DVD they should be in the mail or on the way to you! We were overwhelmed with all the love & support from everyone who ordered. I want you all to know that I love you & that I do not take for granted the support you give me! I appreciate you!!!!! ‪#‎IWillBeSigningForDays‬ ‪#‎DidntRealizeSoManyWouldRespond‬ ‪#‎ImGrateful‬

    • sharri

      finally found a customer service # 404-763-2816 calling tomorrow

  • Cece

    Well I would like to order, but if y’all haven’t received yours, then it makes me skeptical about buying it if I’m not gone receive it…. I love me some Kandi, but nobody’s trying to lose money….still love my kandi tho…

  • Selena

    Good Morning
    I never received my DVD/CD combo. Paypal took the money out and I never received the product.

  • Sharon

    I haven’t recieved my package. Is there a customer service number that I can call?

  • dukes1227

    Kandi I order in March CD and Shirt still waiting

  • dukes1227

    Kandi waiting to see your Wedding on Bravo

  • Mrs. Harris

    Hi, I ordered the “complete collection” on March 24. I received only a shirt today. Will the DVD and CD be shipped separately or was the wrong ordered shipped to me?

  • Court G

    I want to know when I will receive my dvd/cd combo because i did not receive a tracking number. I pre ordered on March 26th, and still haven’t received it.

  • andr2267

    Hi Kandi, I’m just wondering about order, I ordered mines on last Tuesday, and I have only received the shirt and the dvd and not the cd it still haven’t arrived so just wondering was it coming separate?

  • Robina Key

    Kandi I also love watching you on RHOA and congratulations on your wedding which was 2 days after my birthday, bu do you see all these disappointed people waiting on their package deal as am I? There is no customer service number and no where to check the status of your order. We need some kind of feed back on what is going on. This is really bad for business. ijs

  • Elbone

    Hi Kandi, I pre-ordered the black t-shirt, cd/dvd combo and i have not receive any thing the money came out of my account and it was supposed to ship 3 days after release date. I have not been notified when it will be shipped or if it has been shipped or when it will arrive. Just trying to see what’s going on

  • Just concerned

    I pre-ordered and have yet to receive my order is it on back order. I’m just need to know because the money has been taken out of my account.

  • Tammy

    Hi, I ordered the “complete collection” on March 26. I received only a shirt today. Will the DVD and CD be shipped separately or was this an error?

  • Jeanelle Ogletree

    I pre-ordered the cd/dvd combo but I only received an t-shirt. Is the cd/dvd coming seperate?

    • Shanaē

      The same thing happened to me!! Like a week ago I ordered the shirt, DVD/CD & today only a shirt came I wish I could get some answers!! If anyone knows or finds out anything please let me know!

      • sharri

        found a customer service # for kandi koated entertainment 404-763-2816

    • Amber

      Thats what I need to know. Im feeling like I paid 30$ for a t shirt.

      • Christle

        Me too!

        • DeSantis Y. Williams


  • chelleljn

    I pre ordered my dvd combo on 4/7 and received it in the mail today 4/14

  • Ja’Cinta Herbert-Lard

    I received my dvd/cd today. The dvd skipped most of the play and some of the songs on the cd is skipping…

  • B. Walker

    I pre-ordered the complete set but still waiting. What is the number for customersupport?

  • Leonard Houston

    Hi Kandi. I’m a huge fan. Please come to Baton Rouge LA. Phaedra came ask her about her experience! 🙂

  • Jacinda Casey

    Help! I order the combo and only got the dvd.what did I do? There is no phone number to call

  • Jacinda Casey

    Help! I order the combo and only got the dvd.what did I do? There is no phone number to call

  • Court Green

    I ordered mine on 3/26/14 and received it yesterday on 4/14, which was yesterday. I live in Virginia for anyone who is trying to measure when they will receive their dvd.

    • Elbone

      Hi did it come ups, fedex, or usps

  • exziment

    Kandi, I need to contact customer service my dvd of the stage play on has Act II on it. What happen to Act 1

  • Surprised and Upset

    Why can’t we get a number to Customer Service? I didn’t receive my set yet. Trying to be patient but…

  • bianca

    Can someone give me an answer to why I ordered the complete collection n only received the t shirt…what is really goin on!?!

    • Tamita Love Singletary

      at least you got somethingI order on March 25th I have not receive nothing Ughh

      • bianca

        It really starting to piss me off but im tryna be patient

        • Tamita Love Singletary

          Me Too

  • Tamita Love Singletary

    Ok reallyI ordered my CD DVD on March 25th and I have not received it yet there’s no number to call to track it I’m two seconds away from disputing the charges Ughhh

  • Sugar Palette Sweets

    Kandi, I too pre-ordered on March 31, 2014 the cd/dvd/t-shirt combo, I haven’t received it, however, I do realize that the release date was April 8, but this is a pre-order so you knew about it before hand, with that being said I still should have received it by now. It was a birthday present to myself and yes I knew I wouldn’t get on time since my birthday was April 1st but I was expecting to receive by now, and reading the comments beforehand others ordered the release date and have receive their order, what was the point in pre- ordering, I’m just disappointed.

    • Tamita Love Singletary

      I ordered mine March 25th I feel the same way honeyI think the pre orders she got there before anybodyI’m just saying

  • Amber

    I ordered the combo. And only received shirt. Where is my dvd and cd?

  • MoodyJudi

    I want to order but I’m skeptical due to all the mention of orders not being received…and most are pre-orders…smh

  • Robin Copeland

    I’m amazed at how long you all are saying it takes to get these DVDs. I was just on line trying to get some info about my order and couldn’t find anything. I’m from Va. as well and I hope and pray I’m not disappointed with the wait on this because it clearly states three days. It’s already passed the three days but hopefully it won’t be much longer. Can anyone give me feedback on what I can do to get my order faster?

  • Apryl

    Hi, I ordered the complete collection on April 6th, I received the shirt, but have not received the DVD and CD…any thoughts in when I’ll recieve them???


    • Kenisha Jones

      I am wondering the same thing I emailed KandiKoated and I have not gotten anything in return yet….

  • Tamita Love Singletary

    well I still haven’t received anything Ughhhhh

  • Cherlyn

    When will the DVD/CD COMBO BE MAILED??? We’re waiting…

    April 2, 2014
    Business Name:
    Kandi Koated Entertainment (The recipient of this payment is Verified)
    Payment Sent to:


    Total amount:
    -$30.00 USD
    Fee amount:
    $0.00 USD
    Net amount:
    -$30.00 USD

  • Christle

    Haven’t received my order yet either….ordered on April 6th. Really would like an email notification of shipment date. Otherwise I will request a refund.

  • Cass Martin

    I got an email saying it shipped last Friday on Monday. I haven’t received anything. Reading previous posts, others have received t-shirts.

  • andrea hayes

    me too i pre order mine cd/dvd/t-shirt combo to and havent recived it yet. want to know how to track the package

  • Myrtle Bassett

    I would like to order the play and CD but with so many saying they haven’t received theirs I am unsure. Cant wait to order it.

  • Tosha Evans

    I ordered your dvd last Monday and it’s still not here. What’s the problem??

  • Nab TL

    good luck with your refunds..

  • nette

    Kandi, I pre-ordered the dvd and still have not received it yet.

  • Roz

    I had ordered on PayPal which I don’t like doing because there is no tracking number. Its been 10 days how long does this take to mail out?

  • Thomas Lavone

    just got my dvd, t shirt and no cd in package when i got the package from my mailbox it was already open, HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH KANDI AND TODD, i reported it to my post office, anyway is there anyway I can order a cd so I can get this to my mom for mother’s day.

  • April S.

    I placed my order for the DVD/CD combo on April 8th, the day it was released. I still have yet to receive my purchase and it is now April 23rd. I am HIGHLY disappointed! You try to support your own (Black owned business and entertainment) and yet customer service is poor (no contact number), you sent emails of concern and no reply back, and then you’re left with, more than likely, money lost. After reading these comments, this situation is ridiculous! I am pretty sure Kandi Coated Entertainment has read these comments and have yet to respond to any of them. I really have been looking forward to watching my DVD with my Mom, Godmother and Sisters. We planned to have a Mother/Daughter movie night but have no DVD to watch. 🙁

    • April S.

      Just received the DVD today (May 5th) but STILL no CD. What in the world???? #NeverAgain

  • Sharri

    Hi Kandi I ordered my dvd-cd-tshirt combo om 4/2/2014 , I only received the t shirt about a week and a half ago have not received the cd or dvd yet ,do u know if this is going to be shipped shortly , or is there somrthing else that needs to be done?

  • Keshia Lanay

    I ordered the dvd / cd on April 30 so it could be delivered to my mom by mother’s day. I have yet to receive an email saying its processing or its out for delivery. how long does the turn around take?



  • aveanda

    Is there a tracking number or a customer service number I can get to see what is going on with my order? I still haven’t received my t-shirt cd/dvd combo yet and I was hoping to have it for mothers day for my mom and I still haven’t received it yet



  • Kelly

    Hi Kandi! I ordered he DVD/CD combo and only received the CD, I want to send it back but i don’t have any return address (just a PO Box) and would like to guaranteed

    that i will get the correct order in return, please advise.

  • concerned with these comments

    lets see how this goes, ordered my cd/dvd combo today.

  • Chanique

    Kandi i ordered the dvd/cd combo and only recieved the t shirt. Its been two months now.

  • very happy

    Thanks @kandi ordered my dvd/cd combo thursday got it today. Thanks for the promt respinse very very happy!!

    • Bullsh!t

      ^Doubt it. Considering everyone else is having to wait like a month and only to be disappointed with only a tshirt…This seems like one of those fake accounts. I’m callin BS.

  • Kenneth green

    I ordered the combo set on may 8th for my mom for Mother’s Day and she still hasn’t received it… Tofay is may 19th. I’ve emailed you twice asking for a tracking number but i haven’t gotten a response. I see you took the money asap though…when can we expect what we ordered and paid for???

  • DarPat

    Hi Kandi! I ordered the DVD combo in April. I haven’t received it to date. My account has been charged. How can I find out what the hold up is? We’re going in to July. I know you asked us to allow for a slight delay.
    Please let me know what’s happening.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. G

  • tey

    I ordered two DVD/CD only received one, was other one shipped separately

  • tey

    Has anyone here gotten any answers

  • Pat Gree

    Hi Kandi,
    I ordered the DVD back in April. I checked my PayPal account and it shows payment was received. Please let me know when I should expect the delivery or if I need to be refunded. Thank you!
    This is my 2nd request!!!

  • Tasha

    Awe man I was looking for the order button and stumbIed across the comments am scared to order now from all the below comments when will it be in stores i think i will pick it up then

  • Wendi

    I just receive your DVD,and my DVD started from part 2 of the play and I’m trying yo find you customer service and no one is every their !!!

  • Christina St. Fleur

    I ordered A Mother’s Love DVD on 7/25/14 and haven’t received it yet. I haven’t received any confirmation or tracking information either. My payment status on paypal shows that it has been completed. Help Please!!!!

  • Sharon Lanese Mcgee

    I ordered A Mother’s Love on 8/29/14 through PayPal, and still have not heard or received anything.
    What’s Up? People

  • Patsy Roberson

    Hey Kandi
    I went to dhow in Colimbus Ga and I was not able to buy T-shirt and Cd and DVD .
    I ordered online on September 7, 2014.
    I have not received my ordered yet.how long do I have to wait to receive?

  • Kiwana Wingo

    I ordered the A Mother’s Love DVD over a week ago How do I know when it will arrive. Thanks Kiwana

  • Chawana

    I purchase AMOTHERS LOVE the DVD & Soundtrack CD came in a timely matter. I only have Act 2 of the DVD the first act is noot in the order. I’m Very UP & WANT ANSWERS ON HOW TO GET ACT 1OR MY MONEY BACK! !! Please Help with this issue!

  • Debra

    This play was written poorly the script was delivered as only kandi would write and giving Todd work was her goal………Flop Yes tell the truth don’t blame mamgement good for TV Broadway more like off Broadway down the street around the corner in the back are ticket sales

  • mildred

    I too Pre-ordered T shirt and Cd, got nothing. Rd a email from stamps . com giving me a tracking number. When I check the the message indicated never sent. Kandi this is not good. I tried to support you and Todd and no word !

  • poor customer service

    I placed my order and still haven’t received it and they have taken the money…

  • Brittany Wiley

    I order the play set and still have not received it. I got an email saying it was shipped on 12/22 but post office never got notice that it was shipped. Thanks

    • Frieda Cofield

      Brittany, I got the same message. My order was also supposedly shipped on 12-22. I orderd 2 DVDs and 2 CDs. Here it is 12-31 and I have not received anything,

  • Marcus

    Kandi, I ordered 2 quantities of A Mother’s Love 2 disc combo, I only received ONE copy of the combo, even though I paid for 2 and I have the email confirmation to prove that I ordered 2, how do I get this fixed?

  • Antoinette Davis

    I placed an order on 11/25/2014. I received an email with a tracking number on 12/12/2014 and nothing else. I have emailed on 12/26/2014 to inquire and received no response as of this date. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED. My tracking number is 9405511899561646593116. Thanks for letting me know SOMETHING.

  • Brittany Pierce

    i order it mine on 2/8/15 and i already had it yesterday.

  • Lisa Payne

    Hello kandi I ordered a mothers love DVD/CD on 7/12/15 received a order number 131 . monies were taken from my accct . when shall I receive my order?