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Old Lady Gang Restaurant Is Now Finished

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Make your reservations now, because the doors to the Old Lady Gang restaurant will soon be officially open. Kandi Burruss shared the exciting news on Instagram. “I love the @oldladygang! Our restaurant is finished. I can’t wait for you to see how it turned out. [Todd Tucker] has done a great job. We’re not open yet but I’ll be sure to post when we are!”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta singer and her husband have dedicated a lot of time to making their restaurant dreams come true. When Kandi was recently on Watch What Happens Live, she addressed what kind of strain the endeavor has had on the pair, if any.

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However, there were a lucky bunch of individuals who got the chance to experience the Old Lady Gang eatery a little early during a sneak peek last month.

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“I’m gonna be honest about it. Hearing Cynthia [Bailey] and Peter [Thomas] talk about how the business was really the real problem in their relationship… I tell Todd we cannot allow this restaurant to come in between us and put more into the business than we do into each other,” she said, adding, “We both have strong personalities, and he kind of wants to be [like] well he makes decisions and he just does things. But if I said something, then he’s like, ‘Why you didn’t ask me?’ And I’m like, ‘Well, OK, it goes both ways now.'”

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  • Natasha

    Great job Kandi and Todd! You’re building a wonderful legacy for your children and family. Blessings. I’m doing the same starting with my website for single mothers.

  • Jane Bonde

    I will put this restaurant on my list of “try it out” places to eat. I LOVE me some good soul food.

    • latinflvr


      • Monique

        wow you are really trying to bad mouth her. Why?

  • Olive

    geeze, August turned into November?? That place better be amazing for this long of a delay!

  • Ros Mckoy

    You should do a taste test on the Steve Harvey show. If he likes it you can get great publicity for your restaurant. He’s done it with other people. Best of luck with your restaurant.

    • latinflvr

      Girl, check her comments on her FB Page……..tell here to get an upgrade on her thrift-store-looking furniture….and hire more waiters and waitresses…..the comments are awful….but most of all, tell her to upgrade her drag queen looking eyebrows…….

  • Lisa

    I am too far away to try it, but I hope it does well and multiplies into a chain!!! Love me some Kandi.

    • latinflvr

      It’s a wrap… the unsatisfactory comments on her FB Page…..she’s a money-hungry greedy little brat who thrives on poor people’s pocket change….

  • Obsessive Shoe Addict

    Great news! I love trying new restaurants can’t wait until it opens up.

  • Egyptian Yale hood

    I use to perform there doing stand-up Comedy! Can’t wait to see the change an taste the food. I know it’s going to be great. Anything kandi touches

  • Denise

    Tell Aunt Berta she looks so much better when she gives us her “BEAUTIFUL SMILE”

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  • Juan Ricardo

    Kandi rocks on RHOA – I definitely think she/they will ROCK in the kitchen. Kandi, look for visitor traffic from other parts of the nation, like myself, to your fine restaurant!

  • Nancy Lee

    My honey lives in Georgia .. Next time I visit hopefully it will be open and I can talk him into taking me. The food looked delicious on rhoa. .. Many blessings to you all…

  • Johnnecia

    Do you know when grand opening will be???

  • Lin ramsey

    Would never go to a place where a women has no respect for anyone. Kandis mother is a c u next tuesday and the daughter has no spine tovtell her mom she is a terrible person. Do not give any good money to these pieces of trash.!!!!!

    • latinflvr

      Great post.

  • MissT

    Kandi you have to know you want make it with just soul food. If you don’t attract white business and other cultural you want make it in the food business. People are looking for healthy and we both know soul food is not so healthy. I’m looking forward to coming to the ATL to visit your restaurant and of course I do love myself some soul food. In fact the Farmers Market Chinese Restaurants at the mall serves some of the bet mac and cheese I have ever eaten outside of my kitchen. I do catering so I guess I am really a tough food critic.

  • Kyle Thomas

    Can’t wait to try it! I hope you happen to be there also. Maybe a RHOA fan day?

  • Landa

    Todd is a great man!!!! Ms. Joyce called his momma a hoe and he can still be around this lady. I wish Kandi luck with the restaurant because I know she spent a lot of money to get it running but I don’t think I will eat there when I am in the ATL….