Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Next On #RHOA: An Emergency Hits Atlanta

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta might not return until 2018, but we’ve got your exclusive first look at the next all-new episode right here!

Kandi and Todd face criticism from the Old Lady Gang as they search for a new general manager who can help turn business around at the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Cynthia and Marlo come together to serve tea – literally – to NeNe and Porsha with the hopes of bringing the two former friends back together.

Kenya and Shereé make an unlikely duo as they join forces to produce a PSA against domestic violence, but an unexpected setback arises the day of the shoot and nearly shuts production down.

Watch the preview below.

What was your favorite RHOA moment of 2017?

  • Richgeana White

    She got a nerve calling someone fat when she’s bigger than Porsha she’s the one always shoveling food down her mouth take a look in the mirror before you call someone else fat and stay out people’s business hypocrite you got some nerve talking about Phaedra befriending Nene after all the negative things shes said over the yrs but your phony bitch ass turn around and do the same thing what makes you any better and stop acting like your brand was damaged from a rumor that you helped spread trying to play the victim you rode that wave all the way to the bank for someone who claims to have been hurt by it if it wasn’t for Phaedra lying and playing the victim about a rumor Essence wouldn’t have called you about the cover you tried many years and got turned away couldn’t suck your way on that cover until you use that alleged lie by Phaedra you act just like Nene don’t want no one to be friends with no one you mad at real childish you may have everyone else fooled but I ain’t you were jealous at how close Porsha & Phaedra became so your sorry ass had to sabotage it and you’re the last one who should be giving relationship advice everyone knows you buy your men as well will pay them to stay with you we all know Todd was banging something else when he stopped banging you and your dumb ass took him to a therapist that motherf*cker ain’t really want your ass he just wants to get paid from the town Suga mama I can’t wait for his true colors to come out it’s coming this is why he’s coming up with all these cockamamie business ideas while y’all married so when he divorce you he will get half and a child support check when he takes his son too dummy don’t think it won’t happen to you you’re not exempt clean up that rundown c rated jalopy you call a restaurant I was waiting for your ass to get that place he asked for in LA when he had that reality show he would have been bedding mad chicks in there can’t wait until that Smug look is knocked off your face made that girl apologize about something she knew was the truth any producer back then that you sought help from you banged or sucked off because you had too to get ahead that’s what it takes in the industry to get where you got your writing didn’t come til later I don’t care who don’t like my comments I know you’re a snake lying ass phony bitch like the rest of them #TeamPhaedraParks #TeamPorshaWilliams 365 BITCG

  • Richgeana White